Reception’s Winter Show


This morning the Reception children performed their Winter Show for family members.

The children tried so hard and we are very proud of them all!

Well done Reception!


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Blackshaw Visit Reception


Yesterday Reception children from Blackshaw Primary School came to watch our Winter Show. After our show had finished the children stayed and played with us.

We loved making new friends!

Thank you to all involved for such an enjoyable morning!

The Reception Team.

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Our Ball!


This morning the children from Reception attended their very own Royal Ball! They all looked fabulous in their special clothes.

Thank you to all involved for such an enjoyable morning.

The Reception Team

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Anti-Bullying Week

Last week was anti-bullying week at the Valley. Each class designed their own poster and the school council decided the winners. On Friday 17 November the school council did an assembly about bullying. This included a play about a boy who gets bullied by some cruel kids. At the end, there were four important phrases that were shared. Remembering the words will help us not to be a bully and will help us to be a buddy instead. Stand together, stand strong, always be friends and don’t let anything come between your friendship.

A super play about Anti-Bullying!

Keep logging in for further news!

Mustafa and Mohummed


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Meet the Valley’s new Head Bloggers!

This year at the Valley, we have appointed our very own Head Bloggers.  Mohummed  Patel and Mustafa Patel from the school council have been chosen to share the latest news and updates from around school. Watch this space for further news!

Our new head bloggers working on their first post.

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A Princess Visits Reception!


This week in Reception we were extremely lucky-we had a visit from a real princess!

The children were so excited and asked the princess lots of interesting questions.

What a treat!

The Reception Team.

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Year 5 Anti-bullying Poems

Next week (November 13-17) is Anti-bullying Week.

Please write a kennings poem with a verse that describes a bully AND a verse that describes a best friend.

Try and use powerful adjectives and nouns.

When you have finished, you can peer-assess the poems written by your class friends. Make comments on their writing skills or why it’s an effective poem.

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A message from a fairy!


This week in Reception we received a message from Emily Fairy after sending her some of our special questions.

We really enjoyed learning all about what fairies do!

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Christmas Card Competition

Christmas Card CompetitionCan you design an exciting, fancy Christmas card using a computer? Fancy your chances at winning a special prize? Have a go!

There will be a winner selected from the EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Each winner will receive a prize.  The Key Stage 2 winning entry will also be put forward to another competition against other schools in Bolton.  If you are in Reception or Nursery then please visit your class blog page for your competition rules.

Closing Date: Friday 29th November


  1. Your card must be designed on a computer.  You can use any software program that you like such as Word, Publisher or PurpleMash.
  2. You are designing the front of the card only.
  3. Once you have finished your card, please save it and bring it to me (Mr Dawood) on a pen drive or CD.  I will copy and print your card then return your pen drive/CD back to you.
  4. Parents are welcome to help children with any EYFS and Key Stage 1 entries.  You may also support your child with a Key Stage 2 entry although most of the work must be completed by your child.
  5. One entry per child.

Enjoy and good luck! Ho, ho, ho!

Mr Dawood   🙂 

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Aliens Love Underpants


This week in Reception we have been reading a book called ‘Aliens Love Underpants’.

We received a message from the aliens today and found out that they now want to wear ties instead of underpants!

We tried on some ties and wrote down descriptions of them.


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