A poem about bikes…

Last week we began writing short limericks and poems linked to bikes – please up load your poems so everyone can read your great work!

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2 Responses to A poem about bikes…

  1. 0212009sb says:

    Ring! Ring
    Ring! Ring! get out of my way
    Can’t you hear me, hear what I say?
    I can’t stop! My brakes are stuck
    I’m trying to avoid the asda truck,
    Ring! Ring! Can’t you hear me?
    turn around and you’ll see
    if you don’t hurry and move away
    I might crash into you and ruin your day.
    BY Safeerah 😉

  2. 0212009mh says:

    I have had lots of fun during the course. I have learnt how to ride a bike safely on the road 🙂
    Thank you to the bike ability team.


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