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Excitement is in the air for football fans across the planet!

The next FIFA World Cup kicks off this summer in Russia and all eyes will be on some of the best players in the world as they take to the international stage of football.

32 teams from across the globe will be battling it out to get their hands on the famous golden trophy.

England’s first game is on Monday June 18th at 7pm against Tunisia.

We want to know who do you think is the best player in the tournament and why? Which team is your favourite? Which squad do you predict will win? Do you love football and what does this World Cup mean to you? Who will you be watching it with and where?

Use this blog to share your thoughts, ideas and predictions.

The best blog entries will win some football prizes (such as footballs, stickers or books) and will be announced in assembly by Mrs Topham (Writing co-ordinator) and Mr Dawood (Computing co-ordinator).

We are looking for exciting sentences, persuasive language and your passion for the game. The deadline is Monday 9th July.

Use this official website for information about the World Cup and to get inspired:

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8 Responses to WORLD CUP 2018

  1. Mr Dawood says:

    I can’t wait to watch the World Cup! I’m a massive football supporter and I’ll be rooting for England. That said, I think that Germany have a strong chance of winning as the tournament will be taking place in Europe so the climate may suit them. Additionally, they have a very strong team and have won a lot of World Cup tournaments in the past.

    My first memory of the World Cup was in 1994. It took place in the USA and I remember that England didn’t qualify for that tournament. I recall supporting Ireland instead on that occasion! They played some really exciting, exhilarating football!

    I’m going to enjoy Russia 2018 because I’ll be watching lots of games with my dad. I’ll be watching the games that Ronaldo plays for Portugal with great interest as I feel he is one of the best ever players. I have learned that he does a lot of charity work in his spare time too so I respect him a lot for the work he does outside of football.

    Share your experiences on here everyone! I’d love to know more about what you think and feel! Mr Dawood 🙂

  2. 021tophamn says:

    Football for me is about bringing people together: brothers, friends, fathers and daughters, fathers and sons. The whole family! Families can talk, laugh and get passionate about football.

    My children love the game; namely, they like playing it. But they also enjoy watching it, discussing it and analysing it. Seeing my boys especially, sat with their dad on a sofa, totally transfixed by a game makes me smile. Seeing them practise their skills on the local astroturf makes me even happier.

    In a world of different cultures, religions and backgrounds I think football is a beautiful universal language. It creates new friendships, even just for an hour. It’s heart warming to see children and adults play with people they’ve only just met on a beach, campsite or local park… all because there was a ball being booted about!

    My favourite memories of a World Cup will always be Italia 90 when Paul Gascoigne (Gaza) broke down in tears after he received a booking in England’s semi-final against West Germany which would have ruled him out of the final.

    His tears captured the hearts of many England fans both in the stadium and back home, though England went on to lose the match on penalties.

  3. 0212011ac says:

    I can not for the World Cup this summer in Russia. I would like England to win this historic, golden trophy,but in more realistic terms I think that Brazil will win the World cup but other teams also have a good chance, these include:Portugal,Spain,France,Germany and Belgium. I think one of these teams will win because they have all got strong squads. But I think that the top two teams are France and Brazil.I think this because they have got extremely good players like Neymar Jr and Antoine Griezmann.Even though France only have one World Cup to their name I think they could win this tournament.Another reason for this is that France have a lot of young,energetic players who want to impress these include: Kylian Mbappe,Thomas Lemar and Alexandre Lacazette.But this could backfire as some of these young players have not experienced or played in a tournament of this magnitude in their entire lives.As for Brazil they have won the most World cups ever, 5.Also they have got Neymar Jr an excellent talent, I think that this will boost their chances of winning the tournament.

    I think that the player of the tournament will be Neymar Jr,I think this because he looked sharp and World-Class in the Warm-Up games.I also think that Ronaldo and Messi will shine for their respected countries.

    I will be watching the World Cup and will give updates on Senegal’s progress in the tournament.But I will be supporting England.Come on England!

    By Adil Chana 6x

  4. 0212012fu says:

    I am very excited for the World Cup. Which is why I am going to be telling you a little bit about Argentina F.C . Here are a few facts: 1) The first official match by Argentina was against Uruguay the game was held on May 16 in 1901 and the result was a three to win for Argentina . 2) The biggest win by Argentina national team in the history of football was a 12-0 victory against Ecuador. The match took place on January 22 of 1942. 3) The biggest defeat Argentina ever suffered was 6-1 on two different occasions in June 1958 and April 2009 . 4) Argentina is one of the eight nations to have won the FIFA World Cup. They won in 1978 and 1986 and also being runner up in 1930 and 1990 .

  5. 0212013jz says:

    Watching football matches is a time to support players , and this summer holds a world cup in Russia . Football is also a time to enjoy yourself and have fun and to bring people closer in some way . In this report you’ll know you have a passion inside and that is football , even if you don’t play football just have a try and you’ll know how lucky you are to have a amazing passion .

    Recently , everybody has been yelling about the world cup about who’s going to win or don’t even have a chance to score a goal . As I think deeply , I know Brazil and Germany have a chance to became the champions , if England win it would become historic ! People watch football matches live [the stadium] or from tv , they watch it with family members , friends ,neighbours or people supporting the same team .

    We all know we like playing football and watching football matches I tell you why we all sit relaxed in our sofa enjoying ourself . Eventually , we all start discussing about the world cup and think who’ll win the world cup and lose and who was close to be called a champion .

    I know I’ll enjoy the world cup sitting with my family enjoying myself . On one hand , I support Switzerland because there not a bad team after all . On they other hand , I support England because I’ve seen them winning lots of games and they play good like always .

    I can’t wait to see who wins the world cup 2018 !!!

  6. 0212012eu says:

    I can’t wait until the world cup. My team is Austrailia and they’re going to play France but they (France) might have a chance to win. Australia’s captain is called Mile Jedinak and there coach is Bert ben Marwijk and he is 66 years old. In my opinion the best player is Robbie Kruse and if you like the football team Austrailia I am pretty sure your favourite player is going to be Robbie Kruse. My big brother isn’t interested in football but he does like the national Austrailian cricket team. I hope Austrailia win the world cup.

  7. 0212013kp says:

    I thought Portugal would win Spain but they drew and I am really excited for England
    Because where in the country of England. I hope the match is good. I think Brazil would
    win the World Cup too but I hope England can try to get it. Brazil has tooken all the good players. By Khadija Patel

  8. khalil liao says:

    I can’t wait for the World Cup to start, I think Iceland is going to win because they have really good players such as Gylfi Sigurdsson. Also, I think South Korea, Brazil, Poland
    and England are going to win because they have got Legends on their team.I also give luck to all the other teams .I will be watching it with my Dad,I like football because it is a really good game and you can always be active.

    By Khalil Liao 4x

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