The World Cup

I am really enjoying watching The World Cup!

Before it started, I was a little apprehensive and nervous about England’s performance. I think that supporting England is a tough job because we always remember the excitement,  high hopes and expectations when watching England play.  But, we are often left feeling disappointed and dis-heartened when we see England under perform and get knocked out too early.

However, this time I think they have the potential to go far! We have an excellent squad and have played really well so far, especially beating Panama 6-1 !


Mrs McGinley

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  1. 0212012hk1 says:

    First, when the World Cup started i was very nervous because i thought that Mexico was going to lose but amazingly they beat the other team by one -which was a shock .I think that they a doing a fabulous job so if it keeps this going then they will soon be in the World Cup . So now my team will be facing Sweden and hopefully are going to win it .

  2. 0212012lk says:

    To be honest i don’t like foot ball because i am not good at it; the other reason is because i don’t like getting in fights with other people. My team is panama and i watched that match but i wasn’t happy and that made me hate foot ball.
    By :Laiba Kamran class 5Y

  3. 0212012hk says:

    This years world cup was held in Russia. Everyone was very excited and everyone got told what country your team was and I was Nigeria. Now the team is not in the world cup another team could now win. I think that Brazil might win. Lots of footballers are going mad. I am very excited to hear for who wins in world cup

  4. 0212015ab says:

    I’m supporting England,Egypt and France but sadly Egypt got kicked out! Germany got kicked out!!!My favourite players are Salah,Mane,Firmino,Pogba,Messi,Ronaldo and Dea Gea. I like football. It’s taking place in Russia. I think it’s going to be Crotia v France in the finals on Sunday 15th July at 4 pm Luzhuniki stadium, Moscow.They are going to draw 2-2 and in penaltys France is going to win 5-4. I got Portugal. There best player is Ronaldo. COME ON ENGLAND and FRANCE!

    By Abu Bakr D 2x.

  5. 0212015kp says:

    Hi guys,I am supporting England and my school team is Argentina they won againts Nigeria and it was 2-1.I thinck Englands got a good chance of winning the golden trophy.My best players are Mo Salah,Ronaldo, and Messy .I watch football whith my 3 brothers ,mum and dad.Come on England!From Khadijah I P

  6. 0212015yp says:

    my name is Yasin. And my team is south koreo. I am supporting England because I live in England. England has a lot of good players like Harry kane. England with Panama it was 6-1 .come on England.
    Yasin p

  7. 0212015hd says:

    my name is HAWI I, cant wait to wach the Russia 2018 in this summmer . i really hope Portugal and ENGLAND will win . the best teams are portugal Eygpt and BRAZIl . because they have COUTINIO RONALDO is realy cooool he is beter than MESSI I am going to wach it whith my family. i am suporting for ENGLAND. I like SALAH RONALDO , MESSI , NEYMAR and HARY KANE even DELLI ALI. AT SCHOOL i HAD GERMANY . COME ON ENGLAND.

  8. 0212015ap2 says:

    Russia 2018 Im exsited for the wold cup Im soporting Englond But I thinc Russia has a chans of winining because its in Russia and thay will soot the wether . Englond has won 2 maches and losed 1 maches and the scos are 2.1 and 6.1

  9. 0212012ap1 says:

    Hello my name is Aayan Patel and let me tell you all about Germany and how amazing they have played. Here are some facts about Germany:Germany is one of the most successful national teams in international competitions and they have won the World Cup four times.Germany is the only nation to have won both the men’s and women’s World Cups. After winning the 2017 Confederations Cup, it became one of the only four nations—alongside Brazil, Argentina and France—to win all three most important men’s titles recognised by FIFA.At the end of the 2014 World Cup, Germany earned the highest Elo rating of any national football team in history, with a record 2205 points. Germany is also the only European nation that has won a FIFA World Cup in the Americas. The current manager of the national team is Joachim Löw.

  10. 0212012aa1 says:

    My name is Alan and like anyone else, I love football so let me tell you my views about the 2018 FIFA World Cup. I am supporting England who have so far done very well mainly thanks to their top goal scorer Harry Kane. Sterling is also a real asset to the team in midfield. Amazingly we made it to the knockout rounds where we won’t be playing against any excellent teams for a while and anyway, there are less good teams in this tournament after teams like Germany, Spain, Argentina and Portugal got knocked out. Today(3rd July 2018) England will be playing Columbia who we can probably defeat. However they shouldn’t let their guard down because Columbia might surprise everyone and beat England. If so, I will support Columbia. But hopefully England will win. GO ENGLAND!

  11. 0212012aa1 says:

    As I said I am rooting for England and if they win I will stop playing Fortnite for 6 weeks.

  12. 0212012kd says:

    My name is Khadija Darvesh and I love football. Every 4 years the most famous football event happens and this year it is in Russia.The team I have been given by my teacher is Serbia, I wasn’t really hoping for this team and so I started to research on a few teams I wanted to support and help win.I decided to have a look at Brazil’s football history.Brazil have recently won 2-0 to Mexico and have knocked their opponent out of the world cup.One of the matches everyone has been waiting for is Brazil VS Belgium which is coming up in a few days.The reason I think Brazil can win is because they have some of the best players in football history but the question to me is if they can work well as a team. So far in the World Cup 2018 Brazil have won every game that they have played.Brazil’s best players are Bobby Firmino, Neymar and Coutinho. Neymar and Coutinho play for Barcelona and Firmino plays for Liverpool. You may or may not know but Coutinho is a former Liverpool player so this might effect on the team in the world cup because I dont think that Coutinho and Firmino are the best of friends since Coutinho left Firmino and Liverpool for Barcerlona.This year I hope Brazil win the World Cup Russia 2018.

  13. 0212012km says:

    I really loving the world cup . I love playing football. THE world cup happens every 4 year it is held a cross glob. But this year it is held in RUSSIA. THE team that are playing Russia , Uruguay ,England , Brazil and Belgium.

  14. 021tophamn says:

    Thank you for all your comments.
    Keep them coming.
    Mrs Topham

  15. 0212012fi says:

    My name is Fahem and I absolutely love football. The world cup happens every 4 years and this year it is in Russia. I have been given a team by my teacher it is Poland. They have an alright team they have Lewandowski which plays for Bayern. But the thing they are knocked out now. so now I am supporting England because it is my home country they are doing good as well as Russia and Uruaguay. Today England are playing Colombia which are a good team I think it might be 1-1 but in extra time England will win. Brazil vs Belguim is a really good match brazil won mexico 2-0 Neymar scored and Firmino scored. I think this year all the best teams have been doing bad.

  16. 0212012ag1 says:

    I am really enjoying the world cup but sadly my team lost it was Saudi arabia and russia won . The world cup happens every four years .For this year the world cup is held in Russia. The best players in the team SaudiArabia is Hussain Sulaimani who is a defender and his rank is 3,MohammedAlDeayea is a goalkeeper and his rank is 2,yasser Al Qahtani is a forward and his rank is 1,Ahmed Dokhi is a defender and his rank is a 0.The nick name for Saudi Arabia in the world cup is the green falcons.

  17. 0212015at1 says:

    It /s com hom
    The world cup

  18. 0212015ag says:

    Hello my name is Atiyya I am supporting England because they are in the semi finals on Saturday I was watching England vs Sweeden and England had two nil.I love watching the world cup. COME ON ENGLAND I hope we beat Croatia on Wenesday.
    Atiyya Ghadiyali

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