Nursery visitors


Look who came to visit nursery today.

Who are they? How do they help us?

What did they show us that they use in their job to help keep us safe?


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6 Responses to Nursery visitors

  1. 021nursery says:

    They are police officers. They help us by keeping us safe. The police officers have handcuffs, radios and batons. They wear vests on top of their uniform. They wear bright yellow jackets and police officer’s hat. Mr. Midwinter said if he’s bad and takes someone’s TV, then the police will put handcuffs on and take him to jail. FI am

    • 021caldwellsg says:

      Well done. You listened well. I hope you enjoyed the visit. You have shown you understand the job of a police officer. They keep us safe and protect us.
      Mrs caldwell

  2. 021nursery says:

    There is two police officers.they are ladies.Mr midwinter said this is the hat and it is hard when we knock on it.AK am

  3. 021nursery says:

    Mummy 2 policewomen came to school,they had a uniform on but I didn’t like their shoesThey showed us their handcuffs and told us that if naughty people smack you you have to take them to jail.and then children tried the police costumes on but me and my friends didn’t because we didn’t want too but I love their badge.SI am

  4. 021nursery says:

    In enjoyed the visit from the police officers.
    SS pm

  5. 0212012km says:

    in enjonde the police officer SS PM

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