Poetry Competition

Hello everyone!

We are currently learning about Poetry in our English lessons. Part of our Year 2 objectives mean that we need to learn and perform some poetry.

To make this more fun, we are going to have a poetry competition next week!  I have attached the poem that you need to practice reciting. You will also be given a paper copy at the end of the week.  The poem is Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg.

Have a go at performing the poem ready for school next week!

Think about:

  • Having a loud, clear voice
  • Using expression
  • Including actions
  • Being confident in front of your class

We hope you enjoy the poem! Good luck!

Mr D and Mrs M

Please Mrs Butler
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13 Responses to Poetry Competition

  1. 0212015aj1 says:

    I am excited for the poem and I will learn it properly. From Amina J

  2. 0212015hg says:

    I have enjoyed learning about poetry. Hooriyah G

  3. 0212015md says:

    I like poems. Mohammed D

  4. 0212015ab says:

    Thank you for letting us practes poems .Abu Bakr D

  5. 0212015hu says:

    I am so happy and exited. Halimah U

  6. 0212015yp says:

    I love doing work because it is so much fun yasin p

  7. 0212015ab says:

    I want to be in the competition!!! Abu Bakr D

  8. 0212015ab says:

    I like poems so mutch. Abu Bakr D

  9. 0212015ab says:

    Can I right the poem on my paper. Abu Bakr D

  10. 0212015zm says:

    I am so excited about reading this poem on Monday!! Zakariyya M

  11. 0212015ab says:

    I can do it. Abu Bakr D

  12. 0212015hu says:

    I love the valley school. Halimah U

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