Online Safety and much more!

Hello everyone,

Its been a very busy week in Year 2.  As well as having tests, we have had a trip to Hall ‘i’th’ Wood and learned all about Safer Internet Day.

Did you enjoy the trip?  What was your favourite part?

Don’t forget about the Online Safety Competition!  I’m really looking forward to seeing as many children taking part as possible!

We watched some special cartoons on Safer Internet Day.  If you’d like to watch Hector’s World, please click here.

Please continue to enjoy the internet and stay safe online!

Here is my rap below if you’d like to watch it.  I’m sure you can do much better!

Mr Dawood



Over the next few weeks in English, we will be learning about Instructional texts in Year 2.

This week, we had looked at examples of imperative verbs (bossy verbs) and know that commands are used in instructions.

Can you think of some imperative verbs (bossy verbs)? Post a comment below!

Mr D and Mrs M

Christmas Card Competition

Christmas Card CompetitionCan you design an exciting, fancy Christmas card using a computer? Fancy your chances at winning a special prize? Have a go!

There will be a winner selected from the EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Each winner will receive a prize.  The Key Stage 2 winning entry will also be put forward to another competition against other schools in Bolton.

Closing Date: Friday 17th November


  1. Your card must be designed on a computer.  You can use any software program that you like such as Word, Publisher or PurpleMash.
  2. You are designing the front of the card only.
  3. Once you have finished your card, please save it and bring it to me (Mr Dawood) on a pen drive or CD.  I will copy and print your card then return your pen drive/CD back to you.
  4. Parents are welcome to help children with any EYFS and Key Stage 1 entries.  You may also support your child with a Key Stage 2 entry although most of the work must be completed by your child.
  5. One entry per child.

Enjoy and good luck! Ho, ho, ho!

Mr Dawood   🙂

Poetry Competition

Hello everyone!

We are currently learning about Poetry in our English lessons. Part of our Year 2 objectives mean that we need to learn and perform some poetry.

To make this more fun, we are going to have a poetry competition next week!  I have attached the poem that you need to practice reciting. You will also be given a paper copy at the end of the week.  The poem is Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg.

Have a go at performing the poem ready for school next week!

Think about:

  • Having a loud, clear voice
  • Using expression
  • Including actions
  • Being confident in front of your class

We hope you enjoy the poem! Good luck!

Mr D and Mrs M

Please Mrs Butler