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Dear Parents/Carers

A very warm welcome to year 3 – below you will find the link to the PowerPoint presentation from the ‘Welcome meeting’ held in school on Thursday.

We hope you find this information useful, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us through the school office for an appointment.

Mrs Owens & Mrs Parkinson and the Year 3 Team 🙂

Welcome to Key Stage 2

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Learning next week in Year 2

Next week, we are going to move onto a new English unit called Traditional tales.  We will start by looking at a traditional tale that we have already read in Year 1 but then identifying key features from that text.  That way, we know and understand the features of a good traditional tale. As this is the start of the unit, we will mostly be focusing on reading skills and our reading understanding next week.

In Maths, we are going to look at multiplication for the first time in Year 2.  As this is quite new to us in Y2, we will make sure that we understand that multiplication is repeated addition, e.g. 4 x 2 is the same as 2 + 2 + 2 + 2.  Clearly, multiplication gives us a quicker way to work out the answer but we need to understand it as repeated addition first.  Having that understanding will help us when we come to learn our timetables.

In Topic, we are going to continue to work on our art skills.  We have been learning about and producing art in the style of Paul Klee. Next week, we will concentrate on using white to produce shades and tints of different colours.

As well as all of this, we will continue our rehearsals for our Winter Show! Tickets go out on Tuesday 6 December.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mr D

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Our new learning in English and Maths

We have been learning about reading and writing Instructions!

Next week, we will be writing our own set of instructions.

To help us, we have been learning about bossy or imperative verbs.  For example, ‘cut’, ‘fold’ and ‘push’ are imperative verbs.

In Maths, we will be consolidating our learning about shapes and adding using either a number square or the partitioning method.

Mr D


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Year 2 Poetry Competition

Grasshopper OneHello Year 2!

As part of your English homework this week you are going to be asked to learn a poem off by heart and recite it as part of a competition!

You are already familiar with the poem (Grasshopper One) as you practised learning this poem earlier this week.

You will be given a copy of the poem to take home.  To be the best performer you can be, please learn the poem off by heart and use these top 5 tips to help you:

  1. Look up and make eye contact with your audience
  2. Use expression when reciting (change your voice)
  3. Recite your poem in a rhythm
  4. Make sure you pause at the right places
  5. Include actions in your performance

The best poetry recitals will win a prize!

Good luck!  Feel free to post a comment over the weekend to let me know how you are getting on and if you have any tips to share too!

Mr D 🙂

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Our new Topic – Let’s Celebrate!


A new half term, time to start a new IPC topic! Hope everyone had a refreshing and enjoyable break over half term.  Exciting times are ahead in Year 2.

We will be learning all about celebrations this half term as part of our new topic – ‘Let’s Celebrate.’

We will be learning about the Gunpowder Plot in school this week and will link our learning to our English work too! (Hint: We are moving onto a new English unit).

Why not spend a little time looking at WHY we remember the 5th of November each year?

To start you off, visit the BBC Newsround website by clicking here.

What do you do on Bonfire Night?  What do you know about it?  Share what you have learned by commenting below!

Mr D 🙂

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Our BBC Live Lesson

On Tuesday 11th October, Year 2 took part in a BBC live lesson to further our love of writing.

We really enjoyed watching Chris and Pui sharing the story writing process with us and we had lots of good ideas.

Watch the video below to see the lesson again.

(Look out for Pui giving our school a special mention at around 12 minutes and 9 seconds!)

Mr D

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Welcome to our Year 2X blog! 2016/2017

Hello everyone!

As we are well into a new school year, this is a great time to work on and share our Blog!

This blog is a super opportunity for teachers, parents and learners to share our super school work, exciting news and events!

For those learners who are not feeling confident with the Blog, don’t worry!  Both myself and our Year 2 team will show you how to use the blog and share your log-in details with you!

I hope you’re enjoying Year 2 so far.  We have already had some exciting trips and events happen in the last 5 weeks.  Watch this space and I’ll add some photos, videos and posts soon!

Keep smiling and blogging! Remember to stay safe!

Mr D 🙂

In the meantime, take a look at the classic video below of Rik Mayall reading George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl!  The video quality isn’t brilliant but I remember watching this as a child and loving it.


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