Burrs Park visit November 2017

We have visited Burrs Park as a part of our topic on rivers.  Can you tell us about some of the natural and man-made features of the park which you saw there?


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Christmas Card Competition

Christmas Card CompetitionCan you design an exciting, fancy Christmas card using a computer? Fancy your chances at winning a special prize? Have a go!

There will be a winner selected from the EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Each winner will receive a prize.  The Key Stage 2 winning entry will also be put forward to another competition against other schools in Bolton.

Closing Date: Friday 17th November


  1. Your card must be designed on a computer.  You can use any software program that you like such as Word, Publisher or PurpleMash.
  2. You are designing the front of the card only.
  3. Once you have finished your card, please save it and bring it to me (Mr Dawood) on a pen drive or CD.  I will copy and print your card then return your pen drive/CD back to you.
  4. Parents are welcome to help children with any EYFS and Key Stage 1 entries.  You may also support your child with a Key Stage 2 entry although most of the work must be completed by your child.
  5. One entry per child.

Enjoy and good luck! Ho, ho, ho!

Mr Dawood   🙂

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Our visit to the Zakariyaa Mosque

Year 5 had an enjoyable and interesting visit to the Zakariyaa Mosque.

We were shown around the large and modern place of worship, just outside the town centre.

The visit was part of our RE lessons on Islam and Hajj, giving us the opportunity to ask questions and reflect on what it means to be a Muslim.

What did you find interesting? How is a mosque an important part of the community?

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Peace Day 30th June 2017

The whole school was involved in a variety of activities for our Peace Day. We were thinking about ways that we can live more peacefully in our own lives, in our communities and in the world.

In year 4, we tried to make origami peace cranes. It was a little difficult, but with some help from year 6, we just about got there!

Rev Nick McKee visited us from St Paul’s Church, to tell us about his time as a child growing up during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. We were all very interested to hear about his experiences.

We all wore white clothing on the day to symbolise peace.

Finally we had a celebration assembly where some of the children had an opportunity to read out some of their ‘If for one day…’ peace poems.

Photos of the day to follow soon…


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Homework 12/05/17 – character description

This week, in class we have been describing the appearance of characters from stories, using adjectives to describe, prepositions to say where something is and similes to compare.

We would like you to try to describe a character to help you with your work in school next week. I have given you pictures of tribespeople who live in the Amazon Rainforest of South America, for if you decide to link your topic knowledge of rainforests with a rainforest story setting.

You may choose to use Ancient Egypt as a story setting, so I have shown Cleopatra, Anubis and others.

Another character you may like to try to describe is a grandfather. You may use someone you know to give you ideas for your description.

*If you have any problems with the blog, you may write your character description on paper for us to read on Monday.

Mr Orchard & Mrs Keating

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Homework 05/05/17

This week in literacy we have been describing a setting for a legend using our senses and prepositions.

Choose one of the pictures to describe.

Write in the past tense.  ( I could see / there was )

Use prepositions to say where things are. Which ones can you remember that we’ve used?

Think about things you could see, feel, hear, taste or smell.

Think about the weather  heat/wind/sun  etc and how it would feel to be there and walk around in bare feet.

Can you think of any similes to describe features of these settings?

Make sure each of your sentences start with a different opener.

If you can think of good ideas for more than one picture, please separate them into separate paragraphs.

We will look forward to reading the descriptions of your settings.


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Sentence Openers – Fiction / Non-Fiction

Please read the following sentences and add an appropriate sentence opener. 

  1. The man trudged slowly along the long winding road.
  2. The light trickled through the open window like liquid gold.
  3. The black cat purred contentedly as it lay on a soft brown sofa.
  4. The rabbit gnawed at its carrot ravenously as it sat in its hutch.
  5. I went to school yesterday, but today I was ill so I stayed in bed.
  6. She called the boy’s name softly, before leaving the room.
  7. He climbed cautiously up the steep slope and gazed at the magnificent scenery below.
  8. James didn’t like broccoli; he didn’t like cauliflower; nor did he like carrots and he most certainly didn’t like sprouts!
  9. Isabelle was very tired, so tired that she could hardly keep her eyes open and her head began to droop.
  10. Charlotte was painting a lovely picture when the lights went out and she began to scream.

Once completed use the following non-fiction sentence starters and create your own sentences. 

  • This article will . . .
  • The purpose of this article is to . . .
  • The information presented will . . .
  • This article is designed to . . .
  • The following information . . .
  • I will try to . . .
  • I will attempt to . . .
  • It can be difficult to . . . so . . .
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British Science Week

 British Science Week 2017

As part of British Science Week 2017, the children at The Valley Primary School will be taking part in a range of fun activities and experiments.

I would like to know about your favourite science experiment and what you learned.

 Can the tell me who these people are and why they are so important?

Image result for einsteinImage result for marie curie  
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Espresso Coding

Espresso Coding

Class 4x have just started coding using Espresso Coding. Although we have had some technical issues, each student is becoming more confident in using the app.

Please comment to say what you have learned about coding throughout the lesson.

Questions to think about:

  • What is a variable?
  • What is coding?
  • What does programming mean?


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Imperatives and Adjectives

Look at the following image of a rainforest drink. Can you make a catch phrase using imperatives and a range of adjectives?

Eg: Open a cold, crisp can of rainforest juice.

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