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Story Endings

Please select a type of story ending from below: Moral Ending Emotive Ending Cliff Hanger Ending Write a paragraph to your myth / legend using type of ending. Remember to include all of the writing features we have discussed.

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Imagine 3 sentences

Today, Year 4 have been looking at interesting ways to start their stories to capture the readers interest. We have created our own ‘Imagine 3’ sentences. Please read and tell us what you like and how we could improve.

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Myths and Legends – Characters

Myths and Legends How would you describe this creature from a myth? Use the features we discussed in class. You must include: A range of adjectives. A detailed description of it’s personality. Who would it likely battle? What weapon would … Continue reading

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4X Book Review

What is your favourite book? Can you write a summary of the book and tell me why you would recommend it to a friend? Points to be included: The Title The Author A Summary of Key Points The Main Characters … Continue reading

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