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Zootopia – Film Review 1. Give a brief summary of the summary. 2. What was the moral of the story? 3. Who were the main characters? 4. What did you think about the movie? 5. Star Rating:   / 5  

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Using a Dictionary

Dictionary Skills Please use a dictionary to put the following words in alphabetical order and find the definition: caterpillar, car, cat, cabbage, cabin 2.  dog, digger, dance, duck, diet

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The Bully Poem

The Bully In preparation for anti-bullying week, Year 4 have been looking at a variety of poems, paintings and stories related to the topic. Here is a copy of our new poem ‘The Bully’. Please read it and think about the … Continue reading

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Macavity – The Mystery Cat

Macavity – The Mystery Cat Using your knowldge of Macavity – The Mystery Cat, asnwer the following questions in full senteces. What animal was Macavity How was Macavity described? What lines are repeated throughout the poem? What colour was Macavity? … Continue reading

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Welcome to Class 4X

I would like to know what you are most looking forward to in Year 4. What targets do you hope to achieve and how will you achieve these?  

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