Imperatives and Adjectives

Look at the following image of a rainforest drink. Can you make a catch phrase using imperatives and a range of adjectives?

Eg: Open a cold, crisp can of rainforest juice.

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18 Responses to Imperatives and Adjectives

  1. 0212012ah2 says:

    Sip it for a taste of the juicy rainforest .

  2. 0212012fm says:

    Buy a crispy, golden drink that will relaxingly melt your taste buds of it’s tasty orange – flavoured zest and it is only £1.00. It will make your life relaxing and free of sorrow by it’s tangy hint of zest.

  3. 0212012mi says:

    Buy my amazing most relaxing tropical juice which is only for £1.00!
    My terrific, tangy orange and pineapple juice will make you feel happy and very relaxed.

  4. 0212012sv says:

    Buy a delectable drink that will give a big improvement to your taste.

  5. 0212012mp1 says:

    Sip your straw and taste the orangey goodness.

  6. 0212012mp1 says:

    Sip your straw and taste the orangey goodness.

  7. 0212012ap says:

    Buy the tasty, zesty, orangy drink with the smoothest taste of orange that is for an offer that is only £1.00.

  8. 0212012ap says:

    These drinks are the specialist drinks that anybody has ever had.

  9. 0212012fm says:

    You will find this delicious drink from the rainforests of heaven in The Valley Community School office or class year 4x. Looking for the most heavenly drink in the universe? Well then your reading the right advert but you better hurry up, this

  10. 0212012fm says:

    Why rely on any other store or school when you know The Valley Community School is going to grant your wish. Did you know, on any type of special day just for you or any other person you only have to pay £00.50 or £00.25.

  11. 0212012am says:

    Would you open the fizzy can of pop rainforest juice ?

  12. 0212012ai says:

    1) Do you want your mouth to be dried out without any drink?
    2) Do you want to be thirsty forever?
    3) Just want to have the worst drinks in the world?

  13. 0212012zm says:

    Do you want to buy the best juicy fruit ?
    Would you like to buy the amazing juicy?

  14. 0212012tk says:

    I think you will like lemonade more?
    Are you sure you don’t want to have our new tuti fruity juice?
    Do you like our tropical juice?
    Are we your favourite juice shop?

  15. 0212012mm says:

    Would you open a fizzy can of lemonade?
    What will you get if you open a bottle of watermelon drink?
    Bring your self to the best most fantastic, beautiful orange d

  16. 0212012mi says:

    This fruity and tangy apricot juice will make you feel happy and relaxed ad it’s only 50p!!!

  17. 0212012ai says:

    Taste the sweetness of the tutti fruity juicy drink.
    Pick up your own new orange and lime juicy mojito.
    Buy it for only £1 each.
    Open up the lid and see the fizzy bubbles floating everywhere.
    Take one big bottle for your family.

  18. 0212012mi says:

    Taste the juiciest mango juice that has ever existed !!!
    It will make you really relaxed and you can get it for only £1.00.

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