Espresso Coding

Espresso Coding

Class 4x have just started coding using Espresso Coding. Although we have had some technical issues, each student is becoming more confident in using the app.

Please comment to say what you have learned about coding throughout the lesson.

Questions to think about:

  • What is a variable?
  • What is coding?
  • What does programming mean?


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6 Responses to Espresso Coding

  1. 0212012av says:

    1] Variable means everything the same but one different.
    2] Coding means to tell the computer or computer game what to do.
    3] Programming means a video or an episode.

  2. 0212012mp1 says:

    1) A variable is one thing that’s different to the rest.

    2)Coding is something that tells the computer or laptop or even a tablet to do one single thing.

    3) A programming is a code or something that is made for an electronic.

  3. 0212012mp1 says:

    I like coding because of all thee different things and objects you can add and create them to do something. I have learnt a lot in coding especially today because as I am typing this earlier we had our 2nd coding lesson and I hope we learn lots more on coding.

  4. 0212012am says:

    A variable is when everything s the same and one thing is different

  5. 0212012mi says:

    Q1) A variable is when everything is the same and 1 thing is different.
    Q2) Coding is when you make the computer or you tell the computer to do something.
    Q3) Programming is writing on a game.

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