Homework 05/05/17

This week in literacy we have been describing a setting for a legend using our senses and prepositions.

Choose one of the pictures to describe.

Write in the past tense.  ( I could see / there was )

Use prepositions to say where things are. Which ones can you remember that we’ve used?

Think about things you could see, feel, hear, taste or smell.

Think about the weather  heat/wind/sun  etc and how it would feel to be there and walk around in bare feet.

Can you think of any similes to describe features of these settings?

Make sure each of your sentences start with a different opener.

If you can think of good ideas for more than one picture, please separate them into separate paragraphs.

We will look forward to reading the descriptions of your settings.


26 thoughts on “Homework 05/05/17

  1. As I walked the scorching sand spread through my toes burning my feet. All I could hear was silence and didn’t want to move. I saw pyramid shaped rocks dotted and spread out. There were no liquid to be seen or human. The hasty sun blazing down on my head like a heated up spotlight making me see nothing but a world of blur. I looked up and saw clouds slowly drifting across the sky making my stomach rumble and making me want to eat candy floss. Everywhere I looked there were no shade and I felt like I wanted to die.

    • Doesn’t sound like this is somewhere you would like to go on holiday. I like some of your word choices – scorching, pyramid blazing.
      Not sure about;
      hasty sun.
      there (were)x was no shade.
      *Think about where you should use commas in your writing.

      Mr Orchard

  2. I can see all kinds of blue swirling around . As I walk in the sea I can feel the sand tickling my feet. As I rest I can hear the glistening water swishing about. I also felt the hot blazing sun. I tasted the salty water.

    • I like some of your word choices – swirling, glistening, blazing

      all kinds = all shades

      *Think where you should use commas in your writing.

      Mr Orchard

  3. I could see clouds like dark candy floss.I can fell wind blowing past me like a fan.Beneath me I could feel rocky sand on my feet.In a distance a could see rocks like enormous eggs that were crushed. I could smell the nothing.I cold hear wind rushing past me.There was no human to be seen over thereThe dull made it more difficult to see.As I walk a long way is fell that I have no legs.I fell that I want to die.Every minute the light gets darker making my body feel weaker.I fell blood leaking from my legs from the Sharp pyramid shaped rocks.After there was silence that I wouldn’t move my my my icicle position.soon I sawa world of blank because of all the dust that entered my eye with no invation.I couldn’t see the scorching Sun.Every step I walk I feel weaker,thustyer and hungrier.As I rest I could feel nothing.

    • Some good ideas – don’t forget to read through what you’ve written to check for errors before you post it – capital letters and repeated words – my my my

      thustyer = thirstier

      the light gets darker = the light is fading/ the day/ the sky is getting darker

      Mr Orchard

  4. I can feel the soft squishy mud under my feet.I can see the turquoise cloudless sky looking so peaceful.I can hear the waterfall gushing and I can see the birds flying in the beautiful sunrise.

    • You’ve used some interesting words, but I’m not quite sure which picture you’re trying to describe. Try to use the picture prompts to help you.

      Try to use more prepositions to help you think of more things to write about – all around me – above me, in the distance etc.

      Mr Orchard

  5. As I walked through the amazing island I could see the beautiful light blue sea swirling around. As I walked through the soft,sand I could feel the sand tickling my feet. When I was relaxing near the sunset I could smell people having delicious barbecues. Whilst I was sitting on my deck chair I could hear seagulls chirping and flying very fast.

  6. As I walked through the hot burning desert I could see the beautiful sun reaching out before dawn.I could feel the hot sand burning between my toes. All I could hear in the desert is everything silent. As I saw the fluffy clouds it looked like a pillow and when I looked at the clouds I felt like sleeping.

  7. Beneath my feet, I could feel the soft and squelching sand sticking to my feet. I could also feel the jasmine sand tickling them. Above my head, I could see the shining sun looking down at me and making me sweaty and hot. I could see the huge teal coloured waves coming in and out of the tides. I could also see the view of mountains which were pointing up.

    • You know more colours than I do. I had to look up what colour teal is like. I didn’t know what colour jasmine was either!

      You’ve used some prepositions and other interesting word choices; try to think of some similes as your next step.

      Mr Orchard

  8. I was walking through a beautiful landscape and gazed and felt the warm, emerald ground at my bare toes. The smell of freshly mown grass comforted my face. I could hear the sound of sizzling of the scorching sun and as I was staring out I noticed what looked like a thousand pieces of long strips of wood. They looked like houses which burned down and were cut up. I could smell burning so I figured that was how warm the sun was.

  9. I was walking through a beautiful landscape and gazed and felt the warm, emerald ground at my bare toes. The smell of freshly mown grass comforted my face. I could hear the sound of sizzling of the scorching sun and as I was staring out I noticed what looked like a thousand pieces of long strips of wood. They looked like houses which burned down and were cut up. I could smell burning so I figured that was how warm the sun was. I could taste thirst swelling up and down my dry throat.

  10. Walking into the dessert, i felt the warmth slap me across my face. As i walked through the scorching dessert my feet were burning. High above me i could see the fluffy clouds, like candyfloss swaying from one side to another. I could see funny shapes shaped like stone pillars. The sun shone on me and I could see the brightness covering the sky.

  11. As I walked through the desert I could see trees above me.I could see the hot son shining really bright in the sky. I can feel the hot son . I can see clouds that look like white candy floss. Beneath my feet I can feel the hot burning sand. I can feel the wind blowing in front of my face. I can smell the lovely fresh air. I can hear the wind whispering. I can see mountains in a shape of funny curls. I can feel the shade of the mountains. I can see tree trunks as thin as a pencil.

  12. I could see the fluffy clouds as cotton candy. I could smell the fresh air and I could hear silence. I didn’t want to go everywhere because of the burning sand. When I looked up I saw the fireball. I looked across and saw pyramids shaped as mountains. As I walked on the sea the sand and water was tickling and started kicking. My head was on fire because of the hot sun and it felt like I had no hair.I searched everywhere looking for shade but there was no shade and it felt like I wanted to rest in peace.

    • as i walked down the coast of the sea i could feel the soft yellow sand tickling my bare feat, i ran across the blue dazzling sea , i looked up and felt the soft breeze
      brushing on my soft cheeks ,a distance away i could see the green lands they were greener then a avocado. i could feel the raise of the scorching sun i could also taste the sweet air entering my mouth . The sky was clear and blue and with little white candy flosses in mid air . I could hear the waves crashing on the coast .As sat down i could hear the seagulls chirping loudly making me relaxed . Nothing was there as far as i could see .Nothing, nothing at all….

  13. I can see a variety of colours in the sea as they flow across the hot scorching, sand. I can see high rocky mountains above me pointing up to the sky like a sharks jagged teeth. Beneath my feet I can feel the freezing sea and on another half I can feel the burning sand. I can see a Greenland full of grass. I can hear seagulls annoying noises and people shouting and playing as some are relaxing.

  14. The white fluffy clouds like candy floss and the blue pale sky. I can see white and blue ocean and light sandy sand . I can see a grassy hill that has got a bit of dried mud under it. I can see little bits of clouds floating in the sky slowly. I can see rocky mountains in the distance that has little bits of grass in it. I might think if I was there I would explore and discover things hidden in the soft yellow sand.

  15. I could feel the soft, silky sand under my feet with the hot, blazing sun glaring at me. It was a fabulous sight; the sapphire blue sea under the picturesque sky. Under my feet I could feel the soft, smooth pebbles. There were no people in sight , nor was there any noise except from the gentle sea meeting the sand. The many fish had amber and emerald green scales , and their eyes were glinting in the sunlight. Silently the wind was passing by. The pink jellyfish were peacefully floating near the shore ; it was the perfect place.

  16. I can see a Rocky Mountain like a volcano. And smoke like something is burning. I can see grassy steps.. I can see fluffy clouds flying about. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo high that I can see everything like I am a giant. It is a beautiful scenery. There are beautiful houses. I can see a field like a football pitch. I can see a person walking in the beautiful view . I can see hills and everything is colourful and eye-catching. I’d love to go there for a holiday.

    • Try to use words rather than sooooooooo. You have a simile which tells me how high you are.
      You could use instead ‘ I’m so incredibly high’.

      *Try to use more variety of sentence openers – you’ve used I for most of your sentences – try starting with a preposition – High above me/In the distance/Far below etc.

      Mr Orchard

  17. As I walked down I could feel warm , soft sand tickling my feet. Out ashore I saw the sea of green trees. When I looked up I could see the blue skies with clouds like candy floss. As I stood on the sea side I could hear the gentle sound of the waves. I could smell the fresh breeze.

  18. I could feel the scorching sand under my feet, a glimpse of heaven approached me. I could feel the sun burning on my back like fire getting warmer. In the distance I could see the green land up ahead. Above me were clouds making a picture of me like somebody also making a picture of me. Around me was hot ,boiling sand waiting for me to walk on. Just ahead of me was a light blue deep sea. I could see a trail of crabs ahead of me going into the sea.
    By Ayesha Vali

  19. I could hear nothing but the moving of the scorching sand that tickled my bare feet. I could feel the blazing sun searching my head for somewhere to express it’s heat. I gazed at the pure clouds up ahead and saw lying on the ground great terracotta mountains shaped like jagged teeth and one looked like an old throne placed especially for a king or queen.

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