Homework 12/05/17 – character description

This week, in class we have been describing the appearance of characters from stories, using adjectives to describe, prepositions to say where something is and similes to compare.

We would like you to try to describe a character to help you with your work in school next week. I have given you pictures of tribespeople who live in the Amazon Rainforest of South America, for if you decide to link your topic knowledge of rainforests with a rainforest story setting.

You may choose to use Ancient Egypt as a story setting, so I have shown Cleopatra, Anubis and others.

Another character you may like to try to describe is a grandfather. You may use someone you know to give you ideas for your description.

*If you have any problems with the blog, you may write your character description on paper for us to read on Monday.

Mr Orchard & Mrs Keating

9 thoughts on “Homework 12/05/17 – character description

  1. The scarlet paint on her face was like flowing blood. Her jet black hair was all the way down to her shoulders. Her hair was split into half and her body was filled with paint to scare animals. The tribswoman’s eyes were as black as the night sky. The necklace was bright yellow and some shiny silver.

    • Some interesting ideas – scarlet / jet black / black as the night sky.

      try to use prepositions to give you more variety of sentence openers. You’ve used The – Her – Her – The – The – as your first words, you could use
      On her face…
      Around her neck…
      Could you use a simile to say how fierce she looks?

      Mr Orchard

  2. I can see that the tribesmen have a coffee kind of paint which are in stripes. The tribesmen have different pale colour feather headdress that are even on there shoulders. His skin tone is the colour of light chocolate with night black hair on the sides of his head which ends up to his cheek. I can see hat the sun is shining on him like spotlight.

  3. I can see that the tribeswomen has dark black hair up to her shoulders . She has shaved hair and red paint which looks like blood around her eyes and reaches up to her nose.
    She has brown lips with a black straight line underneath her lips. I can see that her skin tone is like the colour of peanut butter .

    • Hair up to her shoulders, or down to her shoulders?
      Try to start your sentence with a fronted adverbial
      Like a fierce wild animal,
      Around her neck,
      Underneath her lips,

      Mr Orchard.

  4. The decorated tribeswoman had rose paint blotted out in opposite patterns on her dark toned face. Her hair was as thick as the fur of a wild lion. Around her neck, lay a woolly, buttery shaded necklace decorated with stripes. On her shoulders, hung a beige sash with nothing written on it. Her bare hands was the color of a grizzly bear.

  5. Cleopatra was a Pharaoh of wealth and gold. Her sapphire colored Khepresh really brought out her huge midnight eyes. Some of her emeralds and other special rocks that were found were encrusted into her beautiful princess headress. She had more precious robes on than the people next to her so it made people sure that she was a pharaoh.

    • Some super vocabulary choices.
      Try to use some prepositions and similes in your description too please.
      Can you use these as fronted adverbials to give you more variety of sentence openers?

      Mr Orchard

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