New Picture (4)

2 thoughts on “New Picture (4)

  1. Anubis has long pointy ears like a fox . He has a long mouth. There is something around his neck which looks like a scarf made of gold. There are gold rings on his arms which look like huge rings. He has something around his waist which looks like a skirt. He is bare – footed. He is holding a gold stick. He has gold eyes.

  2. Anubis the jackal headed god had the main appearance of a dog and was a very tall man who had an inky skin colour. He had a flaxen long chain surrounding his head and had a golden skirt which was longer than a Scottish man’s skirt. He had bracelets and lots of jewellery but had a long fair staff that others could barely lift. Everyday when he woke up he towered over every man women and child they all looked in fear as his huge stern face and as his large ears moved they all backed away in fear and ran. His eyes had a bright outline with a dark inner eye. He was barefoot and felt no pain in the scorching sun of Ancient Egypt.

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