New Picture (6)

8 thoughts on “New Picture (6)

  1. The man has colourful feathers around his head like a head band.He has got black face paint on his face to make him scary. And a necklace on .(I wonder what that was made of) he looked old and looked he was in the forest for a long time. He had white sticks stitched on his right hand. The feathers looked like it was from a shop because it doesn’t look like he made it.

    • Use some prepositions as fronted adverbials to start your sentences to give you more variety of sentence openers.

      Around his head…
      On his face…..
      In his hand……

      I do think he will have made this headdress himself though and not bought it from a shop.

      Mr Orchard

  2. All around his face he has semetrical mud.on his head he has a stack of colourful feathers like a rainbow.on his neck he has a neckles made out of flowers.His hair coupler is dark black.his eye coupler were like dark night.

    • You’ve used some prepositions as fronted adverbials and a simile.
      Do check your writing for capital letters and spellings please as you would in your literacy work at school.

      Mr Orchard.

  3. He has feathers like peakoks also he has black stripes on his face. It looks like he had gone hunting. I could see the fire through them. He has paterns on his body and he has a smile so he is happy. He has spikes on his forehead. He has long hair so you can’t see his ears. The black stripes are like face paint so he could cover himself so no one could see him.

  4. He’s got feathers like a parrot.
    He’s got black stripes on his face that looks like a zebra.
    Also he’s got a colourful necklace.
    Lastly his headpiece looks like wings of a falcon.

  5. He had a black pen patterns across his face. He had a tattoo done on his left arm and a feathery colorful hat wore’n around his head. he wore his own made necklace that’s yellow and green and his black hair was covering his ears.

  6. This picture is a man.
    He has worn different colours.
    He has worn a hat and I think it is to represent he is a rainforests tribesman.
    He has worn different types of clothes.
    He has patterns all over his face and body.
    He looks scary.

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