Homework 12/05/17 – character description

New Picture (7)

Amazon Rainforest tribeswoman

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  1. Ayesha Vali says:

    this tribeswomen has shaved a line through her head to make her look fierce to hunt animals. On her face, is red face paint and black going across her chin and from he lips to her ear like it s carrying her smile on for her. In the background is other tribesman that have also got face paint and some of their face paints are even symmetrical. On the neck of the tribeswomen is a yellow, white and black neckles with a silver ball at the end of it. Around her shoulders, is a bag with light brown with little black dots or ropes.

  2. 0212012ah1 says:

    In the middle of her head is a line with no hair. She had a variety paint to make her look as fierce as a wild animal. She has long hair that reaches the back of her head. Her skin was tanned it is too hot in South America. her skin was as dark as coal and was also as dark as the night sky. On her head the hot, burning sun shone on her like she was in front of a thousand sulfurous, sizzling sun was in her face. Around her neck was a canary necklace

  3. Sara Vali says:

    She was as fierce as a savage lion. The bald stripe on her head made her look terrifying and would make her enemies tremble in fear. Her hair was coal black , the scarlet stripes on her serious face made her look like a lion waiting for its dinner. She had a necklace that was as bright as the sun. Behind her, there were deadly weapons designed to kill. She would make even the bravest soldier’s hair stand on end ; she was a war hero. You wouldn’t want to be there.

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