Our visit to the Zakariyaa Mosque

Year 5 had an enjoyable and interesting visit to the Zakariyaa Mosque.

We were shown around the large and modern place of worship, just outside the town centre.

The visit was part of our RE lessons on Islam and Hajj, giving us the opportunity to ask questions and reflect on what it means to be a Muslim.

What did you find interesting? How is a mosque an important part of the community?

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28 Responses to Our visit to the Zakariyaa Mosque

  1. 0212012ah says:

    I found this trip interesting because some things in the mosque that I did not know about. I think that the mosque is an important place in our community because lots of people go there for all sorts of reasons and it is a place where we can be together.

  2. 0212012hk1 says:

    I found the arabic writing on the dove intresting because like on other mosqe ther is no
    writing . The mosqe is important part of community because you can practise the rieligon Islam freely.

  3. 0212012kd says:

    What I found interesting was that there were a lot of educational rooms and there was an ayaat going round the dome which was handwritten by someone. I also found it interesting because they try to make learning fun for the community and it really works.
    The Zakariyya mosque is important for the community because a lot of kids go to start their journey about learning how to be a good Muslim and learn the Qur’aan. Also a lot of men come to say their prayers to God in the mosque.

  4. 0212012aa1 says:

    When we went to Zakariyya Mosque, I found that there was a ayaat on the dome which can be found in the Qu’raan. I also found the library really interesting since it had loads of books and you could study the Qu’raan. I think that it is important to the community because you can learn there and you can and you can find out how to become a better Muslim. Also people come to pray so the community need it.

  5. 0212012ak1 says:

    I found the library interesting and the dome because there are not many domes or librarys in other mosques .

  6. 0212012lk says:

    I found the library interesting because it had lots of interesting facts. Its a part of my community because i pray there.

  7. 0212012ua says:

    We saw a picture of the mecca it was really interesting when we saw a dome with Quraan writing all over it,when you speak it echos all around the room. When the Imam speaks you have to speak loudly so everyone can hear it.Girls have to pray in a different room because it is not good for boys to pray with girls.

  8. 0212012fu says:

    When went to Zakariyya mosque we learnt a lot of new things about the Quraan and salaah. The library was really interesting and it had a lot of religious books. Zakariyya mosque is important to the community because people can go and pray there .

  9. 0212012ms says:

    I found the fact that they had a hole room just for reading and playing amazed me. The mosque is important to Muslims because it is our holly place to pray and to learn.

  10. 0212012ks says:

    I found a lot of things interesting . Also different things to my mosque eg.
    they hade a huge book shop .
    The interesting thing was they had a Zawal box that glows when you cant pray namaz .

  11. 0212012mi1 says:

    I found the zawall box interesting because in the mosque I go to it doesn’t have one.The mosque is an important part of our community because lots of people come to pray.

  12. 0212012ap3 says:

    i found lots of things that where different to my mosque like they had a library , they had a zawaal box which is a big red box which lights up and buzzes when your not aloud to pray your namaaz. Also they had a very big wudu khana and there mosque was big and i found it very eduacational.

  13. 0212012ia says:

    These pictures are when we went to zakarriya mosque and we had to sit in where the qibla was facing and we had to do a demonstration on how to pray namaz. We went in the library and we were playing Islamic games.

  14. 0212012ip says:

    In the mosque I saw a picture of madinah it was really interesting because there was alot of people inside the picture. In the hall I saw a really big dome when I was talking in the middle of it my voice came louder. The teacher told us all about the 5 namaaz’s and you can’t pray at zawwal time. Girl are also not allowed to pray with boys so girls have to pray at home.

  15. 0212012an says:

    We all saw the dome and around it was a surah [verse]Rahman.
    there was also a library.

  16. 0212012ad says:

    What I found instresting was that they have a Zawwal time box and a dome that’s around it. A mosque is important for our religion because we have to pray namaaz .

  17. 0212012zp1 says:

    At the mosque we learnt the 5 pillars. My favourite was the library.
    We had to take our shoes of when we enter the mosque. I learnt that
    when it is the Zawaal time we don’t pray namaz.

  18. 0212012md says:

    When we wen I to Zakariya mosque I found out that one of the chapters of the Qur’aan is on of he names of Allah . It was very intresting to find how to do Namaz .

  19. 0212012kj says:

    I found out that if you go on Hajj you can go to special room in the mosque for someone to teach you all about it . To have a mosque in your community is important so that everyone can go and pray in it [namaaz ] and might go to reflect .

  20. 0212012hk says:

    At Zakariyaa mosque they taught us how to pray namaz and what their mosque has that we don’t have. They let us play Muslim games. they told us the 5 pillars of Islam Hajj fasting pillgramige and I forgot the other ones.

  21. 0212012ag1 says:

    our class recently went to a trip called zakariyah mosque and we were learning about islaam and there was a lady called foziya and she was telling us about islam and I found something written with Arabic letters and it was a dome shape and there was a zawal box that tells you when you can pray an not it was interesting because we don’t have it in our mosque

  22. 0212012av says:

    I found interesting is that they have a library and every other mosque that I have been has never had one. A mosque is an important part of the community because if we didn’t have one we would not be able to learn about our religion.

    By Ayesha vali

  23. 0212012ap says:

    The interesting part about our trip to zakkariyah mosque was that there was a library. I found this unusual because there is no library in my mosque. It is an significant thing to the community because muslims in the community go to pray there.

  24. 0212012ah2 says:

    I found it interesting that there used to be 50 daily prayers in Islam. I thought it was always 5.
    A Mosque is an important part of a community because we all remember each other and if one day someone new came we would recognise and give them a warm welcome

  25. 0212012mm1 says:

    I was looking forward to see the library because my mosque doesn’t have one.

  26. 0212012tk says:

    I found the library interesting because my mosque doesn’t have a library. Also I liked the are were you can play and learn. My mosque is an important part of my community because I know the people there and I have always been there.

  27. 0212012mm says:

    I was looking forward to the library because in my mosque we have one and I want see if it was the same.

  28. 0212012ap2 says:

    Class 5x recently went to Zakaariyah Mosque to learn about the history of islam. There was a person called Fozia and she showed us everything inside the mosque and everything was very interesting. I liked the library and the play room better because we didn’t have it in our mosque as well.

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