Burrs Park visit November 2017

We have visited Burrs Park as a part of our topic on rivers.  Can you tell us about some of the natural and man-made features of the park which you saw there?


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  1. 0212012ah says:

    At Burrs Country Park one of the man – made objects I saw was the weir. One of the natural objects was the River Irwell.

  2. 0212012hk1 says:

    At Burrs park we saw things that were man made here is one – the canal was man made
    you could tell by the sides . We also saw things that were natural here is one of them-
    the river was natural.

  3. 0212012aa1 says:

    When we went to Burrs Park, we saw a lot of man-made and natural things. I really enjoyed seeing the chimney because is looked amazing plus it showed that a factory used to be there so that was amazing. It was an octagonal prism.Also I saw a lot of stone sculptures which were designed perfectly. For a natural structure I saw the River Irwell which runs through Burrs Park and has a weir near it.

  4. 0212012kd says:

    When we went Burrs Park we saw a lot of man-made things and also natural things.
    One of the man-made things we saw was a canal and I know it was man-made because it was completely straight on the map and when I looked at it. I also saw a man-made mouse-trap sculpture which was built neatly.We all saw an extremely, tall octagonal prism shaped chimney.
    One of the natural things were the River Irwell which runs all the way through Burrs Park and it is also near a weir where canoeists go if it is a sunny day.

  5. 0212012ua says:

    When we left the coach the first natural river we saw in the middle it was erosion.At he end,we saw a man- made mouse trap.Near to the end we some man-made sculptures that were made 100 years ago.

  6. 0212012fu says:

    When we went to Burrs Park, we saw a lot of things. Some were man -made and some were natural. The first thing we saw was a chimney it was shaped as an octagonal prism. The reason there was a chimney there is because there used to be a factory but then it got changed into a park. I also liked seeing the river it was natural it had a weir and it meandered.

  7. 0212012lk says:

    The man made things were the canal, tributararies and the weir. The natural things were river Irwell , the plants and the the trees.

  8. 0212012ak1 says:

    The man-made things are the weir , the canal , the tributaries . The natural things is the river .There was also a man-made chimney and lots of sculptures .

  9. 0212012ip says:

    At Burrs Park the first natural thing I saw was River Irwell. On the edge I saw erosion It went really fast and some was coming out of the river.In the middle of the river it was really slow and i saw some rocks inside. I also saw a chimney which was natural. It was shaped as an octagonal prism. The reason why it was there because there used to be a factory.

  10. 0212012ms says:

    When are class went to Burrs Park we saw a lot of natural features like plants rivers trees and a lot more water sources. Two of the man-made sources were the stone sculptures which were made from a stone bridge and the other man made thing was the cannel. The natural things were the river the trees and the plants.

  11. 0212012an says:

    The chimney was prism shaped and it had 8 sides [octagon].
    The amazing River Irwell was natural and it was extremely long.

  12. 0212012ad says:

    I saw a very huge chimney that was a shape of a prism and it is man made and it was also 8 sides . We also saw a river that is very long and it is called River Irwell and it is natural .

  13. 0212012fi says:

    our whole class saw the amazing wear that was near to the river Irwell.
    I just found out that the river Irwell was natural and it started in Irwell springs that is in Lancashire.

  14. 0212012md says:

    First I saw the prism chimney, the reason why the chimney is because it was for creating stem for electricity . I also saw a natural river Irwell . The river Irwell can consist of foam ,rocks, twigs , sticks and leaves .The river Irwell starts at the top of the mountain high above the park

  15. 0212012mi1 says:

    I saw a man made chimney. The chimney was used as a prison for the Italians in the olden days. I saw a natural river called the River Irwell.The river Irwell started in Irwell springs ,Lancashire.

  16. 0212012hk says:

    At Burrs park I saw a huge chimney that people used to work in and now people don’t. The chimney had 7 sides. I saw a huge waterfall which people canoe in and visit. Also there was a enormous mouse trap ,it was a piece of art. I saw a man made Canal Feeder. I saw these green things that camoflauges the water and looked like a real floor. The brown cow today is a place where you eat. The waterfall had lots of foam at the bottom.

  17. 0212012kj says:

    When we went to Burrs Park I saw lots of natural and man – made features .
    . The River Irwel is a natural feature which meanders through Bury .
    . The Cannal is a man – made feature which is straight .
    . The huge rocks are natural and made from an old bridge .
    . The sculptures full of imagination are man – made .

  18. 0212012ag1 says:

    when we went to BURRS COUNTRY PARK we saw a lot of man made and natural things.one of the man made I saw was the chimney octagonal prism shape like a ifell tower. the other thing we saw was the canal feeder which was man made and was also flowing and was calm .the nautral thing that I saw was the River Irwell it started from the mountain then it came down then became a weir it was a really loud sound . we got to throw some stones when the water gets down on the slide it goes super fast.THE chimney was built for italics . also the sculpture full of rocks was man made.

  19. 0212012is says:

    At Burrs park we saw a weir. A weir is a mini waterfall it is man made.
    Their was also a canal feeder it goes towards a deep canal.
    We also saw a GIANT MOUSE TRAP but it was not real it was only a model.

  20. 0212012yp1 says:

    Man made; the model of the giant mouse trap was man made by someone.
    Natural; the rivers, the waterfall, the trees, the leaves and the canal.
    I saw the waterfall, the rivers, the pebbles that were in the river and last the canal.

  21. 0212012zp1 says:

    At Burrs park I saw a Valley which was a v shape and also on the v shape
    there was grass . Also I saw a mini waterfall which was actually called
    a weir. There was a Canal Feeder which was made out of man-made.
    When we went to the waterfall ,we found out that it was man-made.
    I learnt that the Chimney has 8 sides and is a octagonal prism.
    Infact I also learnt that it was the brown cow is called that because
    it used to be a farm.

  22. 0212012eu says:

    In Burs park when I got there we saw the chimney shaped as a prism. We also saw a man made wheel. The river that’s supposed to be in Burs park is the River Irwell. We saw a big Canal. There was a small waterfall. There were rocks which were natural.
    The weir was next to the small waterfall.

  23. 0212012ak says:

    year 5 went on a trip to BURRS COUNTRY PARK.Eventually when we got there the first thing we saw was the chimney.THE TALLEST BUILDING WAS THE CHIMNEY.THE DOOR of the chimney looked like a prison but its actuall name is prisom.MY favourite part was when we went to the weir. A WEIR is like a water fall that will eventually end as a river.THERE could be lots of dogs and ducks even some deers. AT the end we saw a gaint model of a gaint mouse trap.

  24. 0212012km says:

    Recently , we went on our trip to Burrs Co

    Recently , we went on our trip to Burrs Country Park . There was A MAN MADE WEIR.

    BY Maria and Kamal

  25. 0212012al says:

    In Burrs park I saw a huge waterfall it look like a slide.I even saw a chimney it had 8 sides. We even saw a canal when we first got out of the bus. A canal feeder is man made and a weir is man made too. I realy like the trip.

  26. 0212012yp says:

    When we went to Burrs park,we saw lots of water sources.The weir was like a waterfall and it was very fast.There was a lot form in the weir.The shape of the chimney is octaganal prism .There was a river in Burrs park.The canal was as straight as a ruler. Burrs park has a lot of nature because there is soil every where.

  27. 0212012ai says:

    The weir was a manmade thing. I know this because it is not made by nature. One thing that was not manmade was the meanders in the river because it was made by nature.

  28. 0212012tk says:

    At Burrs park I saw a weir that was manmade. I know its man made because one of the water falls is like a slope and one is like a stair water fall. The river is not man made because it meanders through Burrs park. If it was man made it would go in a straight line.

  29. 0212012yy says:

    At Burrs Park we saw a canal and a river. We knew that the canal was man – made because there were twigs and stones sticking out. We also saw a man made weir. We saw a v – shaped valley and we saw a bend of the river which we knew was called a meander. We saw erosion and deposition. As we were walking, we saw that the water was deep on one side and shallow on the other. We knew this because on one side twigs were sticking out and on the other there wasn’t. The water was dirty because it is man made.

  30. 0212012mp1 says:

    At Burrs Park we saw a weir which is like a waterfall but it is like a slope so animals can pass through, it is also man-made. Also while we were walking we passed a canal which is like a river which doesn’t meander; this is because it is man-made. As well as that we saw a chimney and when you went close to it, it looks as if it were to fall on you.

  31. 0212012mp says:

    In Burrs Park we saw canals and more. The canal looked like a floor because there was plants growing in and moss too. We also saw a river with stones sticking out and if there is no stones sticking out then that means it is deep. We found out that when it goes deep , all the rubbish that is inside stars hanging on the trees. We also learnt that there used to be a factory by the chimney. We also saw the weir which is man made.

  32. 0212012hp1 says:

    We saw some canals and they looked like a normal floor because there was a lot of moss on it . We even saw meander’s , rivers and man-made waterfalls and we saw litter and communicated about where about will the water rise to if it rains. We saw a huge chimney and we found out that a factory used to be there and they got rid of the factory but left the chimney. Then we found out that when a river is deep we cant see the ground that the water is on. In burrs park there are lots of rivers , waterfalls , meanders and canals. When we saw the waterfall which looked like it was a waterfall.

  33. 0212012fm says:

    We saw a beautiful weir, which, at first cascaded smoothly down a river and then gushed roughly down the step-like waterfall. I figured it was man-made because the person who made it, was probably thinking of designing it like a slide. First, it had stone steps – where the water rushed down in ripples – and then there was a slide where the water flowed gracefully down and then continued making a stream.

    A description of a valley is two hills are next to a river and they create a v-shape which is why it is called a valley. We only saw a little bit if water so I think it was a stream that would merge into a river later.

  34. 0212012ub says:

    i saw a canal and it was man made ,it had a bridge on top of it .I saw a weir it was going down very fast but it was also very deep and was like a slide also it was man made.The chimney was man made and it was very tall and huge but people used to work in a factory by the chimney.

  35. 0212012aa says:

    We saw a lots of things. We saw a v- shape cut river ,erosion and deposition . there was one side rocky and shallow and another sharp and deep . There were canals filled with green grass at the bottom that floated around in the water . On the sides were trees covered with a bit of litter because when the river rises the rubbish people put in the water goes on to the trees and hangs above. we went on a lot of bridges and saw water rushing down the steep and flat man made waterfall.

  36. 0212012hp2 says:

    I saw a chimney that was very tall and huge, was also man made. I also saw V shaped valley that had a river under it. A weir is man made I know this because where the water falls it is made out of stones. The weir was very noisy and was not that deep because I saw the rocks underneath. I saw a canal which had a bridge on top of it.

  37. 0212012rp says:

    A weir is a kind of a waterfall but is man made I know this because where the water falls it is made out of stones. The weir was very noisy and very wavy it was not that deep because I could see the unsmooth rocks.

  38. 0212012sv says:

    In Burrs Country Park , we saw a old chimney which looked 100 feet tall and when we had fully inspected it we realised it was from a old mill that had been knocked down.
    Also it had 8 sides and was man made.
    The natural thing that we saw was a water fall.

  39. 0212012mi says:

    In Burrs Park, we saw an amazing man-made weir, which was first a river but then rushed down really fast like a waterfall and when it got to the bottom, it changed into a stream.

    The Valley

  40. 0212012zm says:

    I saw a tunnel that we went through. later, we walked so much that we can see the v -shaped valley. we could see one side of eroision and one side deposion.
    we could see a waterfall and we can see a meander also, we can see a chimney were a mill was there in the past.

  41. 0212012ja says:

    The signs are man made .They are there so people know the directions and the canal was natural.

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