Burrs Park visit November 2017


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  1. 0212012ia says:

    People canoe on the weir and the water is natural and the weir is man-made.

  2. 0212012ap says:

    This is a gushing weir, that is man-made and is an interesting sight. Also fish can swim over this weir.

  3. 0212012mm1 says:

    This is a weir which looks like a waterfall,but it looks small.

  4. 0212012bp says:

    I know about this river because I have been and its called a weir. It makes the water deeper cause of the big rocks that they have frown in side . I know that this is a man made because of the water fall and when it comes down it makes the water more bigger so the ducks can drink it.

  5. 0212012ap2 says:

    This is a Weir. The Weir was a interesting part to see. The Weir takes all the extra water when it rains. The Weir is also known as a water fall

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