Burrs Park visit November 2017


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  1. 0212012ia says:

    This chimney used to be a factory and it has 7 sides (heptagonal-prism).

  2. 0212012ks says:

    When we got to Burs Country Park the first thing we saw was a huge chimney that used to be a factory . The chimney was a prisam .
    Next to it we think was a canal [small water souse] which was man- made and had a bridge over it .
    It hade lots of natural things surrounding it and in it.

  3. 0212012ap3 says:

    The first thing I saw when I arrived at Burrs country park was a big chimney. Which used to be a prison. But before it was a prison it was a huge factory. There was a man made canal right next to the chimney which reminded me of the haunted canal that I have been reading about. Next to the canal there was a huge metal sculture which looked like a huge mouse trap. The chimney was a rectangular prisom.

  4. 0212012km says:

    The chimney was an octagonilprism also the building that use to be part of the chimney was dismanteled.

  5. 0212012ap1 says:

    This is a chimney. it was made in 1987 .Also it used to be a prison for Italian people and it used to be a factory . Next to the chimney there was a Canal.

  6. 0212012ap says:

    This extraordinary chimney is natural. It also has a gate that stops people from coming in.

  7. 0212012ah2 says:

    At Burrs Park I saw a chimney which was extremely tall! We saw parts of a river like a waterfall and streams. There was also a canal. Strangely there was green bits in the canal which made it look as if it was grass and u could walk on it. Canals are man-made. That is why they are straight

  8. 0212012mm says:

    This is a chimney and next to it is a canal. The canal doesn’t look deep but it is deep.

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