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Step Back in Time

Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Smithills Hall, where they found out about life inside a Victorian home. We dressed up, carried out role-play and had an interesting tour around the old historic building. The class trip helped kick-start our … Continue reading

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Feel the Force!

  We have been learning about different forces in Year 5, which has been challenging but interesting. Use the key vocabulary in bold below, to describe what you have learned, and what you understand by these words. Try and use examples … Continue reading

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Burrs Park visit November 2017

We have visited Burrs Park as a part of our topic on rivers.  Can you tell us about some of the natural and man-made features of the park which you saw there?  

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Christmas Card Competition

Christmas Card CompetitionCan you design an exciting, fancy Christmas card using a computer? Fancy your chances at winning a special prize? Have a go! There will be a winner selected from the EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. … Continue reading

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Our visit to the Zakariyaa Mosque

Year 5 had an enjoyable and interesting visit to the Zakariyaa Mosque. We were shown around the large and modern place of worship, just outside the town centre. The visit was part of our RE lessons on Islam and Hajj, … Continue reading

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Peace Day 30th June 2017

The whole school was involved in a variety of activities for our Peace Day. We were thinking about ways that we can live more peacefully in our own lives, in our communities and in the world. In year 4, we … Continue reading

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Homework 12/05/17 – character description

This week, in class we have been describing the appearance of characters from stories, using adjectives to describe, prepositions to say where something is and similes to compare. We would like you to try to describe a character to help … Continue reading

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Homework 05/05/17

This week in literacy we have been describing a setting for a legend using our senses and prepositions. Choose one of the pictures to describe. Write in the past tense.  ( I could see / there was ) Use prepositions … Continue reading

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Sentence Openers – Fiction / Non-Fiction

Please read the following sentences and add an appropriate sentence opener.  The man trudged slowly along the long winding road. The light trickled through the open window like liquid gold. The black cat purred contentedly as it lay on a … Continue reading

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British Science Week

 British Science Week 2017 As part of British Science Week 2017, the children at The Valley Primary School will be taking part in a range of fun activities and experiments. I would like to know about your favourite science experiment and … Continue reading

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