Monday 23rd January


This week Year 4 will be looking at persuasive adverts. We will look at a range of writing features used to persuade the reader, such as:

  • Slogans
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Imperatives
  • Adjectives
  • Catch Phrases
  • Logos

Can you find any persuasive adverts in newspapers and magazines at home?


This week Year 4 will be looking at addition and subtracting in problem solving.

Please use your prompt sheets to make sure that you are confident in the column method and you read all questions carefully.



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Persuasive Adverts

Look at the following advert:

Can you tell me which persuasive advertising features have been used?


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Causal Connectives

Cause and Effect Conjunctions

Fill in the blanks using an appropriate conjunction.

  1. The clouds turned black __________we decided to go back inside.
  2. I did not eat all of my dinner __________ I wasn’t hungry.
  3. I didn’t enjoy the film, __________ I watched it anyway.
  4. Ayan waited for him __________ he bought some sweets.
  5. The door was left unlocked __________ a thief broke into the house.
  6. I will finish my homework, __________ if it takes me all night!
  7. The reason I don’t like lemons is __________ they are very bitter.

So, but, whilst, and, even, because, because

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Monday 9th January

This week we will be learning about …


This week Year 4 will be looking at persuasive writing. We will be reading a range of persuasive texts and analysing the vocabulary used. The children will be confident in identifying a range of features in the text and will be able to use the following words and phrases in their writing:

  • Firstly,
  • Secondly,
  • As a result,
  • Furthermore,
  • In support of this,
  • In my opinion.


In maths, children will be looking at ordering fractions, finding equivalent fractions and finding fraction and decimal equivalents.

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IPC – Save the World

Save The World 

As part of our new IPC topic ‘Save the World’, we have been learning about rainforests and why they they are so important. We would like the children to look at the following areas:

  • Where are rainforests found?
  • What animals can be found there?
  • What is deforestation?
  • Why is important to protect the rainforest?
  • How can we protect the rainforest?
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Character Description

Character Descriptions

Write a character description using literal and inferred characteristics.

Please Include:

  • Name
  • Physical Appearance
  • Personality


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Zootopia – Film Review

1. Give a brief summary of the summary.

2. What was the moral of the story?

3. Who were the main characters?

4. What did you think about the movie?

5. Star Rating:   / 5


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Using a Dictionary

Dictionary Skills

Please use a dictionary to put the following words in alphabetical order and find the definition:

  1. caterpillar, car, cat, cabbage, cabin

2.  dog, digger, dance, duck, diet

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The Bully Poem

The Bully

In preparation for anti-bullying week, Year 4 have been looking at a variety of poems, paintings and stories related to the topic.

Here is a copy of our new poem ‘The Bully’. Please read it and think about the following questions.

  • Who is the poet?
  • Why do the other children think he is a bully?
  • Who does the bully look for? Why does he choose these children?
  • Why do you think the bully acts the way he does?
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Macavity – The Mystery Cat

Macavity - The Mystery CatMacavity – The Mystery Cat

Using your knowldge of Macavity – The Mystery Cat, asnwer the following questions in full senteces.

  1. What animal was Macavity
    1. How was Macavity described?
    2. What lines are repeated throughout the poem?
    3. What colour was Macavity?
    4. What game does Macavity cheat at?
    5. Macavity was said to be the _____________ of crime.
    6. What part of his body is sunken in?
    7. Why is Macavity’s coat dusty?
    8. Where might you meet Macavity the cat?
    9. Name two of Macavity’s friend.
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