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  1. I learned that Brow Cow House is the oldest building in Burrs park.
    I enjoyed when we looked at the water gush down the land.
    I found interesting that herons are all colorful because they want to impress the lady duck.

  2. I learned that rivers meander and canals don’t also that canals are straight so they could transport goods.
    I enjoyed seeing the rare bird called the Herron fly away.
    I found interesting that children my age had to fix machines in the chimney.

  3. I learned that people that where 10 years old had to fix the machine in the tower. I enjoyed going inside the forest and learning about nature. I found interesting that rivers are natural and canals are not.

  4. I learned that the brown cow public was moved about and we got to see the view of the trees. I found interesting that little boys and girls had to go in a machine and sadly they died.

  5. I learned that the Canal was built to transport the goods around and supply the water.I enjoyed standing on the wood bridge and see the River Irwell going under the bridge.I found interesting that we can do different kind of sport in Burrs park.

  6. At Burrs park I learned that the Canals were made to transport the goods.I enjoyed looking at the rare heron fly away.I found interesting that kids at the age of nine and ten had to go in the mills and fixed it and a lot of them died.

  7. I learned the chimney is for taking the chemicals away from Burrs Park.I enjoyed seeing the big heron fly away with his massive wings.I found interesting that the Italians were prisoners in the mills.

  8. I have learnt that when people who was our age which is 9 or 10 they had to go right inside the waterwheel and fix it which is very dangerous.But lots of people died by going inside the machine and fixing it.

  9. I learned that there is a train track at Burrs park.
    I also enjoyed watching the rare bird the Herren fly off.
    I found interesting that the little 9 year olds had to put there hands through a machine to fix it because older people could not.

    • I also enjoyed wearing the headphones because you could hear the teacher more properly and plus the loud machines where not heard properly because of the protected headphones.

  10. I learned that the Bolton Thermal Recovery Facility generates electricity. I enjoyed that the walk was fun. I found interesting that the furnace was 1000 degrees.

  11. I learned that 9-10 years old had to go inside and fixed the machines from the mills.I enjoyed squelching in the brown gooey mud with my wellington boots.What i found interesting was they locked the Italian prisoners from the world war 2.

  12. I learned that they built a canal to transport goods instead of letting boats get to one place to another.
    I enjoyed looking at the exciting views and having a bit of walk.
    I found interesting that they trapped Italian solders in the old mill which got demolished.

  13. I learned that the oldest building is the public brown cow house.I enjoyed the wildlife like when we saw a heron.I found interesting that the noise from the mills can deafen people.

  14. In Burrs park I learned nine and ten year old children used to go inside machines and mend them,sometimes they would even die!I enjoyed seeing the herren (a very rare bird) fly off.I found interesting that italian prisoners of war were kept at Burrs park.


  15. I learned that children my age used to work in the mills to sort out machines. Some children died because of this. I enjoyed looking at the exiting,amazing bird it was a Heren. I found interesting looking at the canals and the river Irwell.

  16. At Burrs Park I learned that the water wheel was made by a group f people which were called Peel, Howarth and Yates in 1791.I enjoyed when we walked around and saw the lovely views like the canal which is manmade, the river Irwell which is natural and the rare bird (Heren).I found interesting that the adults in the olden days the adults could not go in the octagonal prisom chimney to clean the machines so they used to send little children inside to clean the machines also some died.

  17. I learned that the children who where 9 or 10 had to fix the chimney at burns park because the adults hands didn’t fit in so they had children to do it and most of them died. What i enjoyed was looking at the ducks swimming in the waterfalls. What i found interesting was looking at the water falls moving.

  18. I learnt that the old mill was used to keep Italian prisoners locked up in the war.
    I enjoyed seeing a very rare bird [heron] in the park and I another reason is that this particular bird wasn’t on the sheet that said the animals we might see on the trip.
    I found interesting that in the olden days adults hands were too big to fit in the cracks an crevices of the dangerous machinery so they made children do the job and this job also included very poisonous fumes that the breathed in.

  19. I learned that the waterwheel only moves with water only. I enjoyed when we went for around the chimney. I found intresting m y age boys and girls use to do dangerous work in the chimney.

  20. I learned that the river Irwell takes up 36 hectares. I enjoyed that the waterwheel was big. I found interesting that the heron was pretty.

  21. Burrs Park
    I learned that a river is natural and flowing by gravity but a canal is man-made to carry goods in a canoe. I enjoyed the beautiful views of the flowing water and the leaves flowing in the wind.I found interesting that children in my age back a long time ago had to fix dangerous machinery and some poor children because of the carbon in the mill.

  22. I learned that the people that were in the war lived in the cottages which are at Burrs Park. I enjoyed walking around Burrs Park. I found interesting that the roads of Burrs Park were from the Victorian times.

  23. I learned that a canal is a straight river and smooth and I learned that a river is blonde like a waterfall. I enjoyed walking and seeing the huge bridge and walking on it and seeing different species . I found interesting that 9 and 10 years old children go in the chimney and fix the big machine and some die.

  24. Burrs park

    I enjoyed it when the enormous heron flew of across my head. I found interesting that the adults could not fix the machines but the children could.

  25. I Learned that children my age had to mend broken machines because of the space. I enjoyed learning about the history of Burrs Park.

  26. I learned that children who are 10 years old had to climb the chimney to fix the machines. I enjoyed the part when we saw the different species of birds by the rivers and canals .I found interesting that the Italian prisoners had to stay in the mill.

  27. I learned that in the old days men could not get in the machines so little kids aged 9 and 10 had to and some of them even died. I enjoyed going in to the woods and exploring things. I found interesting that herons have long beaks that walk slowly walk and then stabs the fish in its beak.

  28. I learned that there kept prisoners in burrs park from the world war 2.
    I enjoyed looking at the heron and the facts.
    I found intresting all the facts about burrs park.

  29. I learned they carved stones to make a stone cycle.
    I enjoyed learning about the chimney.
    I found interesting learning about the rivers.

  30. I learnt that Thermal Recovery Facilty fire is over 1,000 degrees .I enjoyed that flaming hot fire.I found it interesting that they shoot a cannon so all the clincker comes out.

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