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  1. In the Mandir I amazingly discoverd the marvellous paintings on the ceiling.It was spectacular to admire. I also discoverd the prayer beads which are a comparasion to my religion Islam. We use this to pray on and they do the exact same. My best thing that I discoverd was incence sticks they gave a strong and good smell to the Temple.

  2. I discovered that religious Hindu men wear orange, and this represents that their old life is being burned and they have a new life devoted to worship. Hindus have more than one Holy book but if they were to go to the court they would swear on the Holy book Gita. They only have one God but they believe that he is in different forms. Their main God is Brahman. He is the creator of the world.

  3. At the Hindu Temple I discovered that not all Hindus have to wear Tilak on there forehead in case of getting bullied. All Hindus worship one god which can come in many forms. Hindus don’t have any special books because all the books they have are equal but if they have to go to court they only take one book with them. One comparison to Islam is that when we enter the temple we have to take our shoes off and at the mosque you also take your shoes off.

  4. I learned a lot of things at the Mandir(Temple)There are a few similarities between Islam and other religions too. There main Hindu God is called Brahman they believe he is everywhere.

  5. I learned a lot of things at the temple. One thing I learned was that the hindus god is called Brahman . They also have a lot of other gods. The temple is called a mandir. They bathed there children.

  6. Today we were discovering a Hindu temple. We found out about Brahman and how all the other Gods are him but in a different form. We were showed how men and women pray. We were told stories about Ganesh and how he got his head chopped off. The man and woman were very kind. We had to take our shoes off before entering the praying hall like we do at mosque before we enter the jammat khana.

  7. Today I discovered all about Hinduism .I went to a Hindu temple . Also I found out what the gods look like. We were taught two stories, I even learnt a few facts.
    Hindus belief in one god but different forms . When we entered the temple we had to take our shoes off . The man and women are very kind and helpful. The women taught us how women pray and a man taught us how boys pray.

  8. Today I visited the Hindu Temple. I really like this temple there are some wonderful paintings inside the prayer hall. I found out a lot about the Hinduism. There are different holy books in Hinduism but the main one is called Gita (vedas). Hindus believe in different Gods. The three main Gods in Hinduism are called Brahman,Vishnu and Shiva.

  9. I discovered out that hindus bow down to god and in islam we bow down to god for our forgiveness. The trip was amazing because the man at the mandir rang the bell and a lady went down and showed us that what hindus do when they bow down. Men bow down and women bow down in a different way. I liked the trip.

  10. We visited the fabulous shree swaminarayan mandir which was really interesting . We all found out so much things we didn’t know . Some pictures followed you if you looked into the pictures eyes.

  11. The Shree Swaminarayan Mandir is a Hindu temple where they worship. They believe in reincarnation if your bad then your an animal if not a human. There main God is Brahman.

  12. This mandir definitely taught me lots of things like the people in the paintigs were wearing orange because orange represents fire and those peoples clothes are resembling that they have burnt there past away and they give there lives to the religion

  13. In Shree Swaminarayan Mandir we found out many things. Did you know that the god Ganesh is half elephant and half human. Also that Hindus believe in one god called Brahman but they see him in many other forms. We found a lot of information in this temple.

  14. At the Hindu Temple I discovered lots of new things that I never knew before one of the things was that there are some similarities between Hinduism and Christianity. They also put red powder on their forehead this is called Tilak in Hinduism. They believe in one god but that god in different forms the main god is called Braham the god of creation.

  15. Today we were discovering the Hindu Temple. It was very exciting because we got to discover Hindu beliefs. One fact that I learned was that whowever was in orange would mean that they had given their life to God.

  16. Today we went to the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir. It was very exiting because we got to explore what hindus do in a temple and how they pray. One fact that I learned was that whoever was in orange gave up there life to god.

  17. At Shree Swaminarayan Mandir I learned that Brahman created the world and he is the main god of Hinduism.Hindus also believe in reincarnation.Hindus put Tilak on and its not cumpolsury to put Tilak on because some teanagers get bullied.Hindus say there is one god who comes in different forms.

  18. I have discovered a lot about Hinduism and the one god they have. This god can appear as many different people or other gods because he is everywhere.

  19. At Shree Swaminarayan Mandir I learnt a lot of things like the hindus spot is called Tilak and it symbolizes Hinduism. A fact that has a comparison to Islam is that boys and men and girls and women both worship differently. They believe in one god but in different forms.

  20. I discovered a lot at the Hindu temple. I learnt lots of new things for example Hindu gods. The main god was Braham . Hindus believe in lots of gods. They put red powder on there head because they show that they love god. There is a thing called diva and that is when you put your hands on top of the fire.

  21. Well I have learnt about the gods and the goddess and about Karma and how important it is being reborn again . Now I know about Hinduism how they do their praying.

  22. Today year 5x visited a Hindu Temple called Shree Swaminarayam. we got to explore the whole Temple. My best part was when I saw all the Hindu Gods I respected the temple because it is a religion place I respected it because my holy place is a Mosqe.

  23. Today we went to Shree saminarayan Mindir . I learned that brahman created the world. If you see a Hindu dressed in orange then that means they have given up there life. Hindus believe in recornation. If you are bad then you become a animal.

  24. I discorvered that Brahman is in everyone body it is an beautiful place to go .I learned that about recornation if your bad you become an animal.

  25. Today I discovered that there is only one god but comes in different forms. Also we went to a Mandir and I learned that men who wear orange give there life in just to worship there God.

  26. I learned that some Hindu men which were orange give up there life to god by staying in the temple forever and not getting married and use red powder on they heads .

  27. Year 5X went to visit Shree Swaminarayan Mandir. I learnt a lot when I went inside the temple. It was amazing because there were paintings everywhere even on the ceiling. I really enjoyed my trip I went to.

  28. Today we to a mindir I discovered that you have muiti lives and if you are noghty you will turn into an animal.

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