The World Cup

I am really enjoying watching The World Cup! Before it started, I was a little apprehensive and nervous about England’s performance. I think that supporting England is a tough job because we always remember the excitement,  high hopes and expectations when watching England play.  But, we are often left feeling disappointed and dis-heartened when we see … Read moreThe World Cup

Releasing Butterflies

Hello, This afternoon the children in Reception went outside to release their butterflies! The children have loved watching the changes in the caterpillars over the last two weeks and couldn’t wait to see them flying around outside. What an exciting afternoon it has been! The Reception Team

3X’s Volcano Booklets

This half term we have been learning all about volcanoes. We have also been looking at explanation texts and their features. We are proud of our books and will be sharing them with Year 2 very soon!! What was your favourite part of creating a booklet and becoming an author?