5 thoughts on “Aspirations for secondary school

  1. When Year 6 went to Sharples high school for a tour to see if we want for high school it was a good experience to see all the students getting on with and it was a good morning and when Mrs Mollunue was in the theatre doing her funny actions was the funniest moment of the whole trip.
    After I have I finished my education I would like to be a suregeon because I’m in to science and to help people’s life.

  2. In secondary school the lesson I am looking forward to the most is swimming because I enjoy swimming and I don’t do it very often so I look forward to doing it on a regular day basis. The extra curricular activity I am looking forward to is the R.S (Religious Studies) Arts Club because I love R.S and Art and they are two of my most favourite subjects and they would be combined.

    After I have finished my education I would like to be a lawyer because I like things like politics and voting and I know how to argue a good case because I have had lots of practise doing this with my friends and siblings. I also think that this is a good job for me because I like a good challenge.

    My favourite part of this whole morning’s tour was when we visited an art classroom because I love art and Sharples do a lot of art at their school. The art work on display was also very beautiful and unique and the pupils who did the work were very talented.

  3. The lesson that I am most looking forward to is science because it is the best known school in Bolton because I want to try something new. The extra activity I am most looking forward to is the gym because I want to make a six-pack. After my education I would like to be a plane engineer because I love planes. My favourite part of the tour was the ict because I like comuting.

  4. Today year 6 visited sharples high school . A member of sharples school gave us a tour of
    their entire school. Sharples has a bunch of clubs such as swimming, football, fitness, and more. I will enjoy all lessons because I love learning. Especially food tech because that is one of my hobby. I am looking forward to Sharples high school.

  5. So today I went to Sharples High school it was an ace trip! Our parents came to. I wish I went there again. My favourite reason why I want to go sharples is because there are over 40 clubs you can go to . I would go Minecraft club because I like making 3d creations. I want to be a meteroligist and an astonamist because I like looking at stars and discovering weather and keeping people safe from any dangerous weather aswell. I want to tell people my knowledge about science

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