Year5 History – Trip to Smithills Hall

Year 5 Trip to Smithills Hall!

After your visit to Smithills Hall, can you imagine what life was life for a child living in Bolton at the same time as Samuel Crompton?
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  1. We got to play with the different equipment from the Victorian era and see how it was to work in that time. Learning the play scripts was fun. We got too experience what clothes they wore. We wore mop caps and aprons. The boys wore jackets and hats. The girls used really hard materials which made their hands sore. We had a tour around the Answorth house including there bedrooms. The kind lady who was our tour guide was acting like she was from the Victorian era. We came back to her time or she came back to our time.

  2. We found out about how children had to work for money. Also girls had to do washing by hand because there were no washing machines. The hard red carbolic soap made the hands of the girls very sore. We experienced how servants felt by wearing aprons and mop caps.(Waistcoats, neckerchiefs and caps for boys) At the end we acted out any sort of play we wanted acting out from what we learnt from. The trip helped me and many other people understand and learn more about the Victorian era. The lady who taught us (The house keeper) acted like a Victorian which made it seam more real. It was fun an exciting!

  3. I think it was hard for the children at the time of when Samuel Crompton used to live. We found out that girls had to do all the washing because there was no machines. It made their hands really sore it was horrible. We did drama and wore Victorian clothes. The girls never got to go to school as they had to serve rich people. Boys had to be footman chimneysweeps. It was horrible I would not like to be a Victorian. The laidiesmaid told us everything about the house who lived there who rented it and the best part was that she showed us her room. We had a lot of fun.

  4. We found out that it was not a very good life because they had to do horrible jobs like climbing up chimneys, sweeping them and some of them actually died because of the fire burning at the bottom of the chimneys so if they fell they would burn . We had to act like Victorian kids so we dressed up as Victorian servants , washed the clothes and ironed them. My favourite part was when we did the drama. I think being a child now then in the Victorian times is better and easier.

  5. In my mind I think that it would have been a horrible time of cruelty for the children being sent away because not only did they earn only £8 pounds a year, but after the washing the clothes their hands would have gone completely red. Imagine doing that for a whole day once every week!Ouch! My favourite part of the day was the drama as I love dressing up and acting. I found out a lot about the maids and how the rich people would ring the bell. From all the jobs, I think the lady’s maid is the best job because she got to choose the lady’s clothes.

  6. I think it would be horrible if I was in the Victorian era. Boys had to work as footman and girls had to be housemaids. Children had to even work at mills and factories. We dressed up as servants and had a tour around Smithills Hall and learnt how hard it was in the Victorian era. Later on there was a law of children who were over 9 had to go to school. Teachers were very stern and if you made a mistake you’d have to go in the duncer’s hat. You would have to write on a slate with a chalk. Before the law came, children had to work in mills and factories. Sometimes they might even get their fingers chopped.

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