Christmas Card Competition

Christmas Card CompetitionCan you design an exciting, fancy Christmas card using a computer? Fancy your chances at winning a special prize? Have a go!

There will be a winner selected from the EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Each winner will receive a prize.  The Key Stage 2 winning entry will also be put forward to another competition against other schools in Bolton.

Closing Date: Friday 17th November


  1. Your card must be designed on a computer.  You can use any software program that you like such as Word, Publisher or PurpleMash.
  2. You are designing the front of the card only.
  3. Once you have finished your card, please save it and bring it to me (Mr Dawood) on a pen drive or CD.  I will copy and print your card then return your pen drive/CD back to you.
  4. Parents are welcome to help children with any EYFS and Key Stage 1 entries.  You may also support your child with a Key Stage 2 entry although most of the work must be completed by your child.
  5. One entry per child.

Enjoy and good luck! Ho, ho, ho!

Mr Dawood   🙂

Pirate Small in Big Trouble.

Hello Reception,

Next week we will be reading all about Pirate Small.

Have a look at the front cover of the book (above). Just like when we are reading detectives in school, can you spot any clues in the picture? What type of book is it? Where do you think the story will be set? Who do you think the main character will be?

We’ll find out the answers next week!

The Reception Team.


Hello Reception,

When we return from our half-term holiday we will be learning all about pirates!

What do you know about pirates? Have you got any questions about pirates that you would like to ask?

The Reception Team.


Hello Reception,

Next week we will be learning all about farms.

Have you ever been to a farm? Do you know which animals live on a farm? Have you got any questions that you would like to ask about farms?

The Reception Team.