Moses Gate

On Friday 13th July, Year 4 went to Moses Gate to practise our perspective drawings.

Please can you write a summary of your day. Please include the fImage result for moses gate imageollowing details:

  • What was your favourite part of the day?
  • Why was it so enjoyable?
  • What did you learn?
  • Can you share any tips for perspective drawing?

Use all of your writing and typing skills that we have discussed in class.

Image result for perspective drawing



Grandpa Chatterji

Grandpa Chatterji – Prompt Questions

Image result for grandpa chatterji characters

Where is he from?

What colour is his hair?

How tall is he?

Describe the type of clothes that he wears?

How does he talk?

How does he walk?

How old is he?

What does he like?

What doesn’t he like?

What will the other characters think of him?

What type of personality does he have?

Poem of the Week – Mafia cats

    Mafia cats – Roger McGough

We’re the Mafia cats
Bugsy, Franco and Toni
We’re crazy for pizza
With hot pepperoni

We run all the rackets
From gambling to vice
On St Valentine’s Day
We massacre mice

We always wear shades
To show that we’re meanies
Big hats and sharp suits
And drive Lamborghinis

We’re the Mafia cats
Bugsy, Franco and Toni
Love Sicilian wine
And cheese macaroni

But we have a secret
(And if you dare tell
You’ll end up with the kitten
At the bottom of the well

Or covered in concrete
And thrown into the deep
For this is one secret
You really must keep.)

We’re the Cosa Nostra
Run the scams and the fiddles
But at home we are
Mopsy, Ginger and Tiddles

From All the Best -The selected poems of Roger McGough.

Mr Keating Comes to Visit

  Interior Designer Mr Keating (FBI) came in to talk to us about how to refurbish our classroom using the latest computer software. He gave us a deeper insight into interior design and how to follow this career path. We learned lots of information about the world of work and how to achieve our dream jobs. We were all amazed by Mr Keating’s sketches and designs and we hope he can visit us again soon.

Designing Our Own Classroom

We all had the opportunity to use Mr Keating’s CAD software to redesign our classroom. Here is an example of one of the classrooms.

This group has decided to include a corner sofa, a pool table and a football table. We are just waiting for Mr Naughton to give us the go ahead and we will start to take out the tables and chairs to make our dream classroom a reality.



Our New Uniform

We are ready for our new jobs.


Here are some quotes from the day:

Thank you very much Mr Keating for coming to our classroom. I have learned so many things about construction and you have inspired me to be an interior designer when I grow up. I really enjoyed using the computer and designing my own classroom. I wish I could really have a pool table in my classroom. Please visit us again soon.



Mr Keating has inspired me by making me interested in construction. I didn’t know that this involved designing the insides of buildings. I think I will be good at this job in the future because I enjoy working on computers and I am good at planning. Thank you very much Mr Keating. I had lots of fun designing my own classroom.


Please comment below on the following questions:

  1. How will Mr Keating’s visit influence your career decisions in the future?

2. Is there anything you would like to say to Mr Keating that you didn’t have the opportunity to during class?

3. What did you learn about the construction industry?



Didgeridoo – From All the Best: The selected poems of Roger McGough.

take catnaps on seabeds
stick like glue
are terrific with needles
But what does a didgery do?

play good rounds of poker
do nothing but chew
make puddles to paddle in
But what does a didgery do?

A puffin
will stuff in a muffin
A canary
can nearly canoe
hum something rotten
But what does a didgery do?

play tapes while out jogging
feed for free at the zoo
use headlights at night-time
But what does a didgery do?

What does a didgery
What does a didgery
What does a didgeridoo?


9 Best Online Websites To Learn Coding Easily

Please answer the following questions using full sentences and clear explanations.

  1. What does coding mean?
  2. What does coding have to be?
  3. What coding projects have you done in Year 4?
  4. What is debugging? When did you have to debug?

GDO: Name two real world instances where coding is useful.

The Legend of the Frogs

Image result for bullfrogs The Bullfrog

In our reciprocal reading text, ‘The Legend of the Frogs’, the animals were not very complimentary about the bullfrogs.

Can you use two expanded noun phrases to describe the bullfrog?

Please be as creative as you can:

The powerful, proud bullfrog bounded hastily across the lake with as much grace as a dizzy, three-legged elephant.