Mr Keating Comes to Visit

  Interior Designer Mr Keating (FBI) came in to talk to us about how to refurbish our classroom using the latest computer software. He gave us a deeper insight into interior design and how to follow this career path. We learned lots of information about the world of work and how to achieve our dream jobs. We were all amazed by Mr Keating’s sketches and designs and we hope he can visit us again soon.

Designing Our Own Classroom

We all had the opportunity to use Mr Keating’s CAD software to redesign our classroom. Here is an example of one of the classrooms.

This group has decided to include a corner sofa, a pool table and a football table. We are just waiting for Mr Naughton to give us the go ahead and we will start to take out the tables and chairs to make our dream classroom a reality.



Our New Uniform

We are ready for our new jobs.


Here are some quotes from the day:

Thank you very much Mr Keating for coming to our classroom. I have learned so many things about construction and you have inspired me to be an interior designer when I grow up. I really enjoyed using the computer and designing my own classroom. I wish I could really have a pool table in my classroom. Please visit us again soon.



Mr Keating has inspired me by making me interested in construction. I didn’t know that this involved designing the insides of buildings. I think I will be good at this job in the future because I enjoy working on computers and I am good at planning. Thank you very much Mr Keating. I had lots of fun designing my own classroom.


Please comment below on the following questions:

  1. How will Mr Keating’s visit influence your career decisions in the future?

2. Is there anything you would like to say to Mr Keating that you didn’t have the opportunity to during class?

3. What did you learn about the construction industry?



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