Grandpa Chatterji – Comprehension Questions

Grandpa Chatterji Comprehension

Answer the following questions using information from the text

  1. Why didn’t Neetu and Sanjay go to the airport to meet Grandpa Chatterji?
  2. How do you know that they were excited to meet their Grandpa?
  3. Name three questions that the children wanted to know about Grandpa Chatterji
  4. Why do you think the children chose to hide rather than meeting their Grandpa?
  5. What is your first impression of Grandpa Chatterji?
  6. Why does the author start describing Grandpa Chatterji’s feet first?
  7. Can you describe Grandpa Chaterji’s physical appearance?
  8. The author doesn’t continually use ‘said’. Can you name two other words she uses instead?
  9. Without knowing a great deal of information about Grandpa Chatterji, we can infer that he is a nice man. What clues does the author give about his personality?
  10. What are your thoughts and opinions about the use of speech in the text?

Grandpa Chatterji

Granpa ChatCharacter Description

Using the image, what can you infer about Grandpa Chatterji.




Please use the prompt questions to help.

  • Where is he from?
  • What colour is his hair?
  • How tall is he?
  • Describe the type of clothes that he wears?
  • How does he talk?
  • How does he walk?
  • How old is he?
  • What does he like?
  • What doesn’t he like?
  • What will the other characters think of him?
  • What type of personality does he have?