Step Back in Time

Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Smithills Hall, where they found out about life inside a Victorian home. We dressed up, carried out role-play and had an interesting tour around the old historic building.

The class trip helped kick-start our new history topic on the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian period.

A few children were asked to review the trip.

Is it a worthwhile place to visit for pupils and teachers?

Feel the Force!


We have been learning about different forces in Year 5, which has been challenging but interesting. Use the key vocabulary in bold below, to describe what you have learned, and what you understand by these words. Try and use examples to explain your new knowledge.

gravity, push, pull, friction, grip, slip, smooth, rough, water resistance, air resistance, drag, surfaces, materials, streamlined, upthrust, buoyancy, magnets, decelerates, accelerates, thrust, balanced, unbalanced, Newtons